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Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to be the leader in Natural Beauty Services and Products.

Simran Kaur
Gurmeet Batra

Here at Savarnas, we strive to make you Look & Feel Your Best! We are firmly anchored to the mission of being close to Mother Nature .Our services Threading, Skincare, Henna & our natural Skin Care Line known as ‘Savarnas Mantra’ are a testament to that.

Our revolutionary Skin Care Line “Savarnas Mantra” takes you to a new level. We have blended the best of what Mother Nature has to offer along with the most revolutionary advances in skincare science and technology. Our products speak for themselves. The ingredients’ are high quality naturally derived botanicals and never tested on animals. Our products not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.

Chances are, that you are a customer that’s constantly in search for a better quality of life, and we are a company that’s on a never ending quest to ensure JUST that. As a result, you are interested in our services and what we have to offer. Unlike some of the other corporate mega-giants that are only interested in one thing; Your Money.

Having gone to every corner of the earth in search of the finest skin care ingredients’ our planet has to offer, we bring you products that are just as unique and groundbreaking as the individuals that use them. Click Here to Visit us at any of our stores or email us today! We’ll do anything and everything in our power to make you Look & Feel Your Best!

Simran Kaur is the Chief Creative Officer of the beauty phenomenon known as Savarna. She is a celebrated Master in The Art of Threading, an Expert in Henna Designing & an Acclaimed Skin Care Specialist. Simran has experienced rich exposure in diverse international environments in India, Europe, Central America and USA. Passionate & Dedicated, Simran has successfully navigated cultural barriers while remaining firmly anchored to her traditions and beliefs.

Gurmeet Batra is our President. A qualified and licensed skin care specialist, she has a wealth of experience covering diverse businesses & she excels in organization development.

So come and try our products and services. Something magical will surely happen. We guarantee it!

Savarnas Mantra- is the always natural, always pure!

Get to know our Team.

If you would ask a Savarnas Beauty Spa customer about us, they will probably talk about our people. They will surely comment on our great customer service, quick response, friendliness and kindness and overall pleasant experience.


Anjum Bilal

I am with working with Savarnas for last 3 years. I did masters in psychology but I was always interested in beauty field that why when I joined Savarnas I worked hard, now I am team leader of MacArthur location. I am good in scrape treatment; my customers really like it. Also, I do mini and complementary facials. I am happy my customers love those I will always love to learn new services.

Hajir Alsayagh

Kim H.

My name is Kim H. I have been an experienced aesthetician for 33 years in the business & also training other aestheticians in the business of skin care. Love working with my clients to make them relax & feel beautiful. I also like to share skincare tips and remedies with them.   

Nadia Alsayagh

My name is Nadia. I enjoy helping people achieve their beauty goals. I have been working at Savarnas Beauty Spa for almost 3 years. Come visit out store and I will gladly help you as best as possible.


Ruwaidah Alsayagh - Operation Manager

I have been working for Savarnas for 5 years. I enjoy having the opportunity to apply my experience and passion for the beauty profession. I love meeting new people and helping them achieve their beauty goals and providing them with personalized treatments. I am rewarded each day by every client I work with, using my skills that I have gained in the last 2 decades, to help them look and feel the best.  

Shila Patal

Hi, I am Shila I have experience in Beauty salon field for 20 years, I am working with Savarnas for last 7 years. I used to own salon in India. I ran that salon for 10 years. after I came to America I worked for some salon in Greenbrier mall for 6 months then I joined Savarnas, love to work here.


I am Shagufta, a threading artist.  I am proud to be a part of Savarnas Beauty Spa. I been working with Savarnas for almost 3 years. I joined here because I get to make every person that sits in my chair feel great and beautiful about themselves. I know threading since I was in school day by day it become my passion. I love to talk about beauty with my customers.  I get to meet so many new people every day and everyone has a different story, wants a different look and I get to help them which makes me happy.  Come to Savarnas and our talented team members will help you and find the hidden beauty in you.

Susan Ramezani

I am an expert in threading and facial beauty. I have been serving as beautician in Savarnas Beauty Spa since 2011. Prior to working with Savarnas team I was the director and co-founder of a beauty institution for 15 years. I successfully graduated from beauty academy and got licensed in different countries and since then I am working with passion for my specialty field of beauty. I care and I’m extremely motivated to make a positive difference on your face. I enjoy the opportunity to apply my experience, education, and love of this profession to give you an enjoyable and satisfying salon experience.


Urmila Gurung

I work in this profession from 5 years. I love meeting new people and helping them achieve their beauty goals and providing them their best look which I can do for them. I also attend regular training classes to keep up with the latest trends that everyone wants.  I look forward to seeing you and using my skills to make you look and feel your best.