Step it up: SAVARNAS MANTRA – a revolutionary skin care line, our products are typically manufactured in the United States. We're presenting botanical-derived Natural Vitamin C serum – the cornerstone of every woman's beauty regime.

Vitamin C has become the top most ingredient for skin care products. It is typically used to reduce sun damage. Moreover, the provoked additional studies that proved that Vitamin C provides a number of skin benefits. Facial Serum penetrates deep into the skin layers, Natural Vitamin C Serum is most often used in the serum vehicle of daily skin care routine to make it healthy.

Topical Benefits of Vitamin C Healthy + Vibrant + Youthful Looking Skin

When it comes to the profound understanding of Vitamin C – it is a key component of collagen. The collagen is a substance that binds cells together, and it is responsible for making a healthy, youthful & vibrant skin.

The collagen depends on vitamin C for its stability. In a nutshell, it fights wrinkles, restores radiance & evens out the skin tone & the texture of your skin. It also functions as an antioxidant, plus protecting your skin from damaging free radicals. Furthermore, all these effects change by the potency of the vitamin.

The vitamins are subject to oxidation when they are used topically. It means that the vitamin loses its potency when exposed to the air. Hence, it is included in skin care products such as Natural Vitamin C Serum in the form of its derivatives. All these derivatives of vitamin C make it possible for everyone to get topical benefits from the topical applications of protein.

So, Apply Serum Before Moisturizer!

Before adding up the sequence of – Natural Vitamin C Serum in the skin cares regime, you must be cleared with the distinctions between serum & moisturizer. Serum actually differs from moisturizers in which serums penetrate the layers of the skin, plus targeting deep into the tissues of the skin. This is the reason that the serum is applied to cleansed skin before applying any moisturizer. Since the serum can ooze deep into the skin layers as the moisturizer can be applied to the skin, thus far it does not work the other way around.

Therefore, if you would apply the serum on top of moisturizer, then it would not deep into the skin. Since Natural vitamin C serum is able to provide protective & anti-aging benefits. So, it is pivotal that the vitamin is delivered to deepest skin tissues beyond the superficial surface.

The Right Time To Use Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C protects our skin against sun damage, but from the inside out. When we talk about sunscreen, then it needs to work on the top of the skin in order to protect from UV rays during day time. But, serum is not at all the substitute of sunscreen lotion for SPF protection, however, vitamin C serum works as a strong antioxidant from deep within the skin. So, bear in mind that serum only works inside out.

Does Vitamin C Help To Lighten Your Skin & Acne?

The depigmenting agent, Vitamin C is able to effectively block the formation of melanin in the skin while sun exposure. Vitamin C will brighten, reduce pigmentation & sun spots, however, this is not a bleaching agent. When it comes to acne, the Natural Vitamin C Serum is good for this. It embraces anti-inflammatory properties & helps to speed up the wound healing. In addition, it also helps to lessen other acne-related skin problems such as blackheads, pimples & skin redness.

Simply, apply a small amount of Natural Vitamin C Serum every day & give it time to work. Finally, a rich serum works to prepare skin for a new day!

Serum – the vitamin-rich version of an essence that helps to restore skin vitality, repair skin damage and evens out the skin tone!