Radiant & clearer skin is often one of the most elusive beauty attributes of women. When it comes to cleansing our faces with the right product, this is something also a matter of one of the complicated steps in order to maintain healthy skin. A number of skin issues leave women feeling discouraged! In order to make small changes in your skincare products can make a difference for sure. Switch to SAVARNAS MANTRA's 100% natural & botanically-derived products for the absolute transformation of your skin. Since natural skin care products markedly enhance your skin's health as well as appearance. Although, in order to get a flawless skin is directly related to the term of “pH” that presents in many skin care products, and you apply on your face in morning & evening.

Well, we come to the point - you must be heard of “pH of facial cleansers”, but the question is – are you clear with the following questions:

  • Why pH is a pivotal factor?
  • How essential pH factor is in the choice of products that we use in the morning?

Now, let the expert of SAVARNAS MANTRA break it down - how pH impacts the condition of our skin?

pH Stands For

The measurement of acidity & alkalinity of an aqueous solution is called as pH. The solution is a liquid that can readily dissolve other substances. In pH:

  • “p” stands for the power of Hydrogen ion.
  • “H” is the hydrogen ion concentration of the solution.

Therefore, pH is made of two terms i.e. p+H. It is always measured on a scale of 0-14.

  • A neutral solution is 7 (pH of water is near about 7)
  • Acid is less than (
  • Alkaline is greater than (>) 7

pH Impacts: What We Eat & What We Apply!

pH impacts on our both internal & external conditions. It is affected both by what we consume throughout the day, plus what we apply to our skin. If the pH of an individual is off balance, then it leads to health issues of our body, including blood circulation, digestions, immune system, respiratory system , muscular & so on. All we need to say that pH plays a very important role in our lives as both internally & externally.

pH of Skincare Products: How Does It Apply?

The largest organ is the skin, covering up our whole body & it naturally fights off various infections & environmental stresses throughout the day! That is something beyond our understanding. Now, the thing is – one of the ideal pH standards for our body will be slightly alkaline ranges 7.3 – 7.4

On the other hand, the skin maintains a pH balance approximately 4.5 to 5.5 in order to stay balanced!

When the pH is too high or low with the standard range of 5.5, then the acid mantle cannot protect our skin & body. Therefore, “balanced skin” is a standard of perfection, it means that the skin is hydrated, healthy and protected against irritants, free radicals, pollutants & the environment. The skin's pH has to be slightly acidic to fight any infections & irritants. The face cleansers can range in pH based on what kind of conditions as all these products are treating.

Unbalanced pH Can Lead Skin Problems

An unbalanced pH can have several bad consequences that are related to our skin, including eczema, premature aging & acne. When our skin is acting up, then it could be a trigger for an unbalanced pH.

If the pH is too high from the standard, then the oils of our skin are stripped, it can lead to – super dryness, acne, and even irritation. When your skin start loosing a lot of good oils from your skin resulting of using alkaline products, then your skin has to produce twice as much more to balance the loss.

Therefore, using skincare products that are too acidic, which overly strip the skin of its natural oils. Also, it can weaken its ability to defend itself against bacteria & stresses due to the environment.
Thus, choose wisely before shop the skin care products.

Do Facial Cleansers & Toners have different pH Levels?
Yes! The facial cleansers come up with a diverse range of pH levels.

What Should You Do When You Damage The pH Balance Of Your Skin?

If you damage the pH balance of your skin, then you can bring it back into balance. Simply, use the following products that are suggested by SAVARNAS MANTRA's expert, which are 100% natural, botanical-derived & pH correctors:

Natural Rose Cleanser Provides Deep Cleansing, Collagen Boosting Vitamin A, Healthy Regeneration of skin cells, skin nourishing nutrients. pH Corrector.
Natural Wheat Cleanser pH Corrector, Hydrates the skin, Promoting skin smoothness & comfort.
Natural Wheat Germ Cleanser Stimulates Cell Formation & function, Balances excellent moisture & pH Corrector.
Natural Hydrating Seaweed Toner Balances natural pH Levels, Hydrates & Softens the skin, Combats redness & razor burns.
Natural Herbal Toner Soothes Skin, Removes impurities & Makeup & Nourishes & maintains a healthy pH balance.
Natural CO-Q10 AGE DEFYING TONER Nourishes & maintains a healthy pH balance, Improves concentration of CoQ10 levels in skin cells, Helps increase the energy production in cells & Absorbs damage otherwise imparted by oxidizing agents and free radicals.

Wrapping Up

Toners & Facial Cleansers both are pivotal products – when it comes to maintaining the pH balance of the skin since these are applied when our face is generally wet & pores are open.

Nevertheless, you should be very careful that – everything is applied on the skin should be considered to the certain extent! If you're looking genuine natural & botanical-derived with zero side-effects pH corrector skincare products, available at http://savarnasmantra.myshopify.com/