5 Kinds of Women Who Benefit from Microblading

Microblading is a very popular permanent makeup trend nowadays. With celebs and models embracing it to get perfect eyebrows, many women are also bookmarking pages and hovering over appointment buttons. But many of these women chicken out at the last moment, thinking — do I really need this? Well, microblading may not be a need, but it is definitely an upgrade in terms of your makeup routine.

For quite a few women though, microblading has indeed come close to a need. Today we are here to talk about those women, the 6 kinds of women who benefit greatly from microblading.

1. Busy Mommies

Imagine waking up at the crack of dawn, cooking five types of meals, packing them creatively so that your kids eat all of it, and then starting the cumbersome task of waking up the kids? And that’s just the start of the day before the sun is fully up!

Busy mommies juggle a lot of balls at any given moment. From packing lunches to getting the kids ready, dropping them off to getting started on their own office and housework… it’s a tough job. Where does a mom get the time to sit in front of the mirror and get some makeup on so that she looks presentable at the school gate or the bank or the supermarket? Here’s where microblading comes into the picture. Once you get your eyebrows microbladed, you don’t need any pencils or powders. You can walk out of the door at any given time and look like a million bucks with perfect, thick eyebrows. The best part? Microblading lasts for about 2-3 years, so you are sorted.

2. Women in Showbiz

Women in showbiz are all those women who aspire to be actors, models, dancers, performers or VJs. Basically any woman who wants to appear in front of an audience in any capacity — be it on TV, stage or the silver screen. These women definitely need microblading as their job dictates they remain presentable, and even beautiful all through the day. Even when they are out of their stage clothes and makeup, they need to look good.

In the case of those who are already shining in showbiz, microbading is even more important as they can get clicked or papped anywhere. Another profession to add to this list is influencers. This new set of people on social media also need to have perfect and presentable eyebrows at all times as followers may find them anywhere — be it a restaurant or a mall. Instagrammers and Ticktockers are quite active in getting microblading.

3. Aging Women

With age, eyebrow hairs often thin out. Greying hairs also make the eyebrows look old, thin, and finer. Here’s where microblading can help. Some aged celebrities like Helen Mirren have shown us that age is no bar for microblading. In fact, being aged is the perfect reason to get it as you can enjoy thick, perfect and presentable eyebrows.

4. Women in B2C businesses

Women who are working in B2C kinds of businesses like sales, marketing, client servicing etc need to look good and presentable all the time. You may own a book store and sit behind the counter, or hold pitch meetings at an advertising firm, you are meeting new people every day and your business depends on you making an impression. Microblading ensures that your eyebrows are on point, and don’t need you to touch up with powders and pencils every few hours.

5. Professionals

Women in professional fields like medicine, law, architecture etc carry a certain gravity with them. They not only meet people all the time but also have a certain weight of their degree in front of their names. Therefore these women also need to look great. From hair to skin to even nails, these women require to do a lot of maintenance. Therefore isn’t it awesome that something like microblading can save them some time every day? 

More so because doctors, lawyers and other professionals in public life usually run on a very busy schedule. They are always short on time. Permanent makeup like microblading helps them save some morning makeup time. Add to that a permanent eyeliner, permanent lip liner and some eyelash extensions — and they are basically ready to rock the world!

6. Women Who Have Gone Through Illnesses

Microblading is also a good option for women who have lost eyebrow hairs due to illnesses. Many strong survivors who battled diseases like cancer (chemotherapy), have alopecia, eczema, madarosis etc can get their thick, dark eyebrows back by microblading.

If you belong to one of the above categories, then you should get microblading. And if you are not, microblading is still an amazing option to make you look and feel good without any extra brow makeup. If you wish to get your eyebrows microbladed then book your appointment today at Savarnas Beauty Spa. We also offer other permanent makeup services like permanent eyeliner, permanent lip liner and eyelash extensions.