5 Things to Ask Your Microblading Artist Before the Procedure

We have all been there, sitting in the salon chair, too intimidated to ask pertinent questions. Be it about the newest haircut or about the products that are being used on our skin in the trendiest facial. But contrary to what most clients think, an artist appreciates an informed and curious client. And as somebody getting the treatment, you deserve to ask as many questions as you need to satisfy yourself. For something as magnificent as microblading, you must definitely prepare a list of questions.

If you are at a loss about how to go about this, then do not fret. Here we have a list of 5 things to ask your microblading artist before the procedure. 

Why Ask Questions?

  • To break the ice and open the channel of communication with your artist.
  • To put your concerns at rest and relax into the procedure. 
  • To come to a clear conclusion on your microblading shade, texture and brow shape.
  • To get an idea about the artist’s job, clientele and other treatments they offer. 
  • To be prepared for the aftercare, touch-ups and post-microblading appointments.

Usually, all of this is addressed in the consultation part of your microblading appointment. Some artists may call you a day before for consultation, while most of them reserve half an hour before the procedure to consult, analyse your brows and plan the treatment

Things to Ask Your Microblading Artist:

1. Is Microblading Appropriate for Me?

Well, you may think this one’s a moot point when you have booked the appointment already. But no harm in getting the artist’s honest opinion. Sometimes your skin type, pore size, scarring etc may not be the most compatible for microblading. In such a case, the artist will recommend another treatment that may suit you better. For eg., many women with oily skin tend to opt for microblading along with shading to make their permanent makeup last longer. Also, this is the time to disclose any health concerns to your artist.

2. Can I Have a Look at Your Portfolio?

Don’t be shy about asking this question. A good microblading artist will be happy (even proud) to show you their portfolio. They may have a booklet, but since we live in the era of Instagram, many will just show you carousels of their work. Really good microblading artists may also have their own websites or have their work showcased on their spa’s website. This is a good place to check as it is trustworthy. 

What should you look for in this portfolio?

-     Before and After photos 

-     Reviews from clients

-     Timeline and consistency 

-     How far their work goes

The last one is simply to see how experienced the artist is, and how many years they have been in the business. Once you have gone through their portfolio, you will feel a lot more conformable with them. This will also open up a whole new channel to discuss potential shapes, colours and styles of microblading.

3. What Style Would Suit Me?

Yes, you may have your entire look planned and visualised weeks in advance of your appointment, but there is no harm in asking the artist for their opinion. Usually, we only look at celebrity photos and decide that these brows are our ideal dream. But would they look good on us? Would they match our skin tone, our hair color, or our face shape? Such questions are best answered by the artist. They may also end up bringing a fresh perspective on your dream look, and make it exponentially better! 

The trick here is to take all the advice you can, and then make an informed decision.

4. Can I See My Final Brows Before You Ink Them?

‘Ink’ is not the right word as it suggests tattooing, but you get the drift. Ask your artist if you will be able to see the final shape, color and look of your eyebrows before they go in with the microblading tool. Most microblading artists will agree to it as nobody wants a surprise permanent makeup at the end of the procedure. They will, in fact, keep you in the loop at every step as they map your face, draw the eyebrows and pick the pigment. 

5. What is the Aftercare Like?

Ask this at the beginning itself to avoid any confusion or mishaps later. For eg., you are not supposed to wet your eyebrows for a certain number of days after the microblading procedure. But if you have planned a holiday the day after the procedure then you may be in a pickle! So consult with your microblading artistabout the post-care instructions, any restrictions, and the timeline for the same. This will go a long way in easing your procedure, as well as the aftercare.

Come and book your microblading appointment with Savarnas Beauty Spa and get a personalised treatment. Our skilled and experienced artists are always happy to answer your questions, and help you achieve your dream look. Contact now for your preferred slot.