A Bride’s Guide to Permanent Makeup

Your wedding day is a few months away, and you are wondering about this thing called permanent makeup? Are you planning to explore the expansive world of microblading and permanent eyebrows and permanent lipliners? Then come along for this ride because today we are going to tell you all about them. From how to get them to what to expect, we’ve got you covered. Read on for a bride’s guide to permanent makeup.

Because once you get permanent makeup, it’s going to refine your aesthetics to the next level!

Why Permanent Makeup For a Bride?

-     Permanent makeup’s core idea is to enhance your features so that they can look more attractive.

-     But unlike your usual makeup, permanent makeup remains for a longer duration (months, even years).

-     As a bride-to-be, there are a lot many dinners, get-togethers, and cocktail parties to attend. You have your bachelorette, the rehearsal dinner and then the main event.

-     Even after your wedding, you have your honeymoon awaiting.

-     Wouldn’t you want to look flawless at all these events? Without the need to worry about your makeup time, the weather spoiling it, periodic touch-ups etc?

Permanent makeup will ensure you look great, even when you step out to get coffee between events and don’t apply any makeup. It is not going to alter your features dramatically to make them exotic or new, but enhance them to a point of their ideal shape or colour. That is how they will look natural as if no makeup has been applied at all.

Now let us look at some permanent makeup ideas for brides-to-be

A Brides Guide to Permanent Makeup

1. Microblading

If there was only one permanent makeup procedure you could get, then we recommend getting this one. Perfect eyebrows elevate your look to the next level, and microblading gives you that. The result also looks pretty natural, as if you have been gifted all that dark volume in your brows by nature itself. It also lasts longer as the pigment begins to fade only after 1-2 years. And if you have taken good care of your eyebrows and touched them up yearly then you are in for a better look. For your wedding day or the events that come before and after, you will be fuss-free. Your makeup artist won’t need to work much to tame your brows, and neither will you need quick threading or tweezing appointments. 

And, and, and, your wedding photos will be Instagram-worthy. 

2. Permanent Lip Colour 

To get your lips to look bright, rosy, and plump, get permanent lip color. You won’t need much lip gloss or even lipstick in the long run. Have a blast from day to night and night to day on your bachelorette, go diving into the sea on your honeymoon, and cry buckets on your wedding day — your lips will still look just as rosy and pretty. Although, you must choose a neutral-colored pigment for your permanent lip color so that it looks natural, as well as goes with every kind of event (dramatic and sober ones). You can always coat a layer of darker lipstick on any special occasion. 

3. Permanent Eyeliner 

Eyeliner is one of the most underrated makeups. It adds depth to your eyes. Be it a simple straight liner or smokey cat-eyes. With permanent eyeliner, you will add more depth, sharpness and beauty to your eyes. As a bride, wouldn’t you want to wake up with your partner and look just as gorgeous as the night before, without any smudged eye makeup or mascara? 

Also, cry it out before you walk down the aisle or as you take your vows. Nothing will affect your photos. There will be no smudged lines or dark trails!

4. Eyelash Extensions 

Eyelash extensions are not as long-lasting as other permanent makeup. They shed away naturally after 3-4 weeks. But they are so worth your while as a bride-to-be as you get those Disney-princess lashes for your big days, as well as don’t need any mascara or lash oils to enhance your look. They are super comfy, and water-proof and make you the centre of attention as you rightly should be on your wedding day. Your lash volume goes notches up, like those celebs on Instagram. 

Tips to Get Permanent Makeup for Brides:

-     Get you permanent makeup well in advance.

-     Ideally get microblading, permanent lip color and permanent eyeliner at least 2-3 months in advance so that your skin has time to heal and you have time to adjust your look. 

-     Get eyelash extensions 7-10 days before your wedding day.

-     Try and keep your choice of colours and shapes neutral as you wouldn’t want to look too exotic or dramatic at your wedding. Also, it will last for a couple of years.

Now, if you are ready to enhance your features with permanent makeup before your D-day then book your appointment with Savarnas Beauty Spa now. We tailor our treatments to match our client’s needs and help you achieve the look of your dreams. On a day no less than your wedding day!