Benefits of Getting Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is everywhere. On fashion runways and movie screens, on Instagram and high society parties. Have you thought about getting it too? If yes, then you are here to find out all the pros of getting permanent makeup. Be it microblading for eyebrows or eyelash extensions for eyelashes, permanent lipliner for your mouth or permanent eyeliner for your eyelids — permanent makeup has many benefits. Let’s put you out of your misery and tell you all about those benefits. 

What is Permanent Makeup?

Just to recap in case you are new to the world of permanent makeup, this is a makeup technique where a semi-permanent pigment is deposited in the upper layers of your skin to replicate an eyeliner or brow makeup, or even lip colour. This dye is deposited like a tattoo, but unlike a tattoo, it looks pretty natural and doesn’t last longer than 1-3 years. 

The Most Popular Permanent Makeup

  • Microblading for eyebrows
  • Permanent Eyeliner
  • Permanent Lipliner
  • Permanent Lip Colour
  • Eyelash Extensions 

Benefits of Getting Permanent Makeup

1. Low-Maintenance Life

Imagine — you wake up, shower, and just walk out of your house without spending an hour applying makeup! Isn’t that such a perfect, dreamy scenario? Now let’s add another scenario to this — Imagine you come back home tired, wash your face, eat dinner and splay on your couch with some TV. No need to do an elaborate makeup removal routine.  

That’s what permanent makeup gives you. A low-maintenance life, where you don’t need much makeup time. And even when you are stepping out for some gymming, swimming or any other adventure sports, you don’t need to apply tons of waterproof eyeliner or lipstick. Even your makeup touch-up time goes down!

Since permanent makeup lasts for 1-3 years, you don’t need to visit salons all the time either. Only yearly touchups. 

2. Amazing for Older Women

As we age, our skin may start becoming looser and sagging. Our hand-eye coordination may also become weaker, and it may become difficult to do anything without our spectacles. But how do you apply the perfect eyeliner or brow powder with spectacles on? That is why permanent makeup is a boon for older women. Once you get it, you don’t need to apply any eyeliner or brow gel or powder at all. Unless you want to put on some dramatic makeup (which you usually put on only for parties and such, and may also get professional help!). 

Permanent makeup is recommended to help women who suffer muscular diseases like multiple sclerosis, arthritis, Parkinson’s etc. 

3. The Beauty of Symmetry

For all the perfectionists out there, makeup application (especially eye makeup) is an uphill battle. We want symmetry, we want one side of the winged liner to look like a perfect mirror image of the other. But when does it ever happen? Irregular lines, thicknesses, and shapes disrupt our makeup plans. Not anymore. Permanent makeup is done by professional aestheticians who work towards creating a harmonious symmetry of your eyebrows or eyelids. And their beautiful handiwork lasts a long time. 

Patients of alopecia or those who have undergone chemotherapy may also find that permanent makeup helps balance out their features. They may have lost hair, but that can be recreated to give them the look they desire. 

4. No More Allergens

Many women out there are allergic to makeup or substances present in makeup. They only adapt to certain brands or few products. Women with sensitive skin also find themselves without makeup options. Permanent makeup helps this section of women. No more getting red eyes after applying your eyeliner! Get permanent eyeliner. 

5. Money-Saver

Getting permanent makeup may seem expensive at once. But it saves you a ton of money in the long run. Because the permanent makeup you get will last you 1-3 years, and touchups are usually only once a year. In the interim, you don’t spend much on your usual brands of makeup that honestly cost a bomb. So all in all, the money spent on the procedure is far less than the total amount you will be spending on makeup for the entire duration. 

6. Lighter Makeup Pouch

Travel anywhere, and you are light as a feather! No more carrying a ton of products like eyeliners, pencils, brow powders, primers, brushes, lipsticks etc. At home too, your vanity can breathe easy as it is not as heavy as it used to be. Now you can only invest in any bold makeup products that you may need for a dramatic look for any special occasion. 

So get ready now to reap the benefits of permanent makeup! You are almost there. Now all you need to do is decide which permanent makeup you want, what look you are vying for, and where you are going to get it. Let us make the question of ‘where’ easy for you. To get permanent makeup like microblading, permanent eyeliner, permanent lipliner or eyelash extensions, book an appointment with Savarnas Beauty Spa now!