Benefits of Trying Microblading During Summer

Summer is coming, and along with it, bringing the high hot sun, loads of sweaty afternoons, and runny makeup. While salons are giving shorter haircuts already to beat the heat, spas are updating their menus with cooling facials and manicures. We at Savarnas Beauty Spa, are working on spreading the word about permanent makeup this summer. Yes, you heard it right. Permanent makeup like permanent eyeliner, permanent lipliner, microblading, etc are great ideas for various reasons this season. Read on to find out the benefits of microblading during summer.

5 Benefits of Microblading in Summer

The sweltering sun is harsh on all kinds of makeup, but especially harsh on those heavy powders and gels that are already melting on your eyebrows. That is where microblading comes into the picture:

1. Fuss-Free Summer Days

Summer is the season of enjoying an active life, a busy social calendar, and beachy vacations! You may go camping one night and hike up to the top of a peak the next day. You may be at the beach sipping margaritas one moment and then snorkeling the other. In all of these activities, wouldn’t you want your eyebrows to remain on-point without fussing every now and then?

Microblading helps with this. You don’t need to carry your makeup bag around. You don’t need brow powders and brow pencils and gels all the time for touch-ups. You don’t even need to get up early every morning to spend a long time doing your brows! It’s all taken care of thanks to the super-perfect and pretty microbladed eyebrows.

2. Enjoy That Pool-Side Life

Water is such an important part of summer. The swimming pool, river currents, the sea by the sand… it’s a literal paradise to be in the cool water while the sun is hot. But the moment you soak yourself in, there is the impending doom of runny eyebrow makeup. And nothing beats the embarrassment of getting into the pool with your perfectly made-up brows and walking out with makeup running all over your face.

Microbladed eyebrows, however, don’t do any of that! Get into the pool with perfect eyebrows, and walk out with perfect eyebrows. What’s more is, you can indulge in all water sports like snorkeling, river rafting, boating, diving, etc without worrying.

3. No Sweat-Damage

Even when you are not away vacationing, you are still battling the everyday heat in summer. That is just as harsh on your brow makeup. The sweat that rolls down your face while you run around for work or meetings does much harm to your perfectly applied makeup. Even simple indoor gymming may ruin your beautiful handiwork.

That is why it is best to get microbalding before summer. You may sweat as much as you like, it won’t affect your microbladed eyebrows at all. And this goes for all seasons!

4. Wear What You Like

When the eyebrows are heavily done in makeup, it becomes difficult to wear many summer accessories like a low-brimmed hat, bandana, sports gear, forehead band, etc. There is a constant fear of the fabric or accessory smudging the brow makeup. But this summer you should ditch that fear and wear whatever you like. Get microblading done, and nothing will affect the perfect shape, color, or texture of your brows.

5. All Set for At least 2-3 Summers!

Microblading lasts for about 3 years. So the best benefit of getting it this summer is that you are sorted for the coming 2-3 summers. All the above benefits are yours to have until your semi-permanent tattoo brows start to fade. And even then, you can easily get them redone! In these summer seasons, imagine the dollars you will save on makeup, and the time you will save on applying it!

How wholesome are these benefits of trying microblading during summers! If you are sure that you are ready to reap these benefits then get yourself an appointment for microblading ASAP. It is a simple procedure that is completed in close to 2 hours and leaves you with perfectly-shaped, fuss-free eyebrows. Eyebrows that you can flaunt in every weather and condition. To get more info and get this permanent makeup, contact Savarnas Beauty Spa. You can book your appointment online today.