Best Permanent Makeup to Get Before the Holiday Season

Deck the halls in the boughs of holly, sure! But don’t forget to deck yourself up too! ‘Cause, it is the time to be jolly. With the arrival of winter, the holiday season kickstarts. Even though it is the last week of December that brings Christmas and New Year, the vibes are spread all through the month with school parties, office parties, shopping sprees, dinners and lots of mingling. In such a scenario, we have here a way to deck you up so that you don’t need any extra makeup. Yes, we mean permanent makeup. Find out about the best permanent makeup to get before the holiday season. Read on.

Why Permanent Makeup Before Holiday Season?

-     Because it gives your features a professional touch.

-     Because it keeps you free from long hours of getting ready and frequent makeup touchups.

-     Because it saves you a ton of money on expensive makeup products.

-     Because it makes you look like a million bucks at any given time. Even when you wake up.

-     Because it is not ‘PERMANENT.’ It fades away in 1-3 years.

-     Because it brings out the best Instagram photos!

1. Microblading 

One of the first permanent makeup recommendations from our side is Microblading. This technique is used on the eyebrows, to create a thicker and fuller appearance, and shape them to your liking for the long run (2-3 years). Tiny needles create hair-like strokes, that are filled with a medically safe pigment matching your brow hair color. This way your eyebrows look fuller and thicker naturally, saving you a load of time, money and makeup during the holiday season. If you can only get one permanent makeup this season, then this is the one to invest in. But make sure you go to a good microblading artist so that your eyebrows are done up with utmost care, personalisation and experienced hands.  

2. Permanent Eyeliner

You can also get permanent eyeliner to enhance the shape of your eyes. Generally, eyeliners are thought to be dramatic (cat-like, graphic, fishtail etc). But in truth, a simple thin lining on the upper lids changes the appearance of your eyes, without even making it apparent that you have applied any makeup. A permanent eyeliner can be customised to your liking — in that, you can choose the shape, color, arch and length. You can also get permanent eyeliner in the lower lids or just the corners of the waterline (to make your eyes look bigger). In any case, permanent eyeliner will minimise your eye makeup cost this holiday season. And make your eyes sparkle like those snowflakes.

3. Permanent Lip Color

A woman’s lips are her favourite sensuous features. And in the holiday season, every woman wants full, glossy, Santa-red lips. Therefore here’s an idea — get permanent lip color. A pigment of your choice is deposited in the upper layers of your lip skin, giving them the hue you want for about 1-2 years. It’s like having a lipstick of your choice on, 24X7! You can choose a mild red so that it suits your daily wear. And when you have an event or party, you can go over it with a tinted red gloss or a matte red lip stain. 

4. Permanent Lip Liner

If you are not very keen on committing to lip color for 1-2 years, then this is the perfect option for you. Get a permanent lip liner to make your lips pout and pop. As the name suggests, in this permanent makeup, your lips are outlined with a pigment of your choice so that they appear subtly lifted and full. If you are not a frequent makeup wearer and need to fly under the radar on a daily basis, then get a permanent lip liner. You can always go dramatic with bold lipstick during the holiday season or any other occasion. 

5. Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions technically won’t qualify for long-term permanent makeup. Because they don’t last for years. Even so, a 1-month eyelash extension set is worth it for the holiday season. Eyelashes add a touch of innocence, as well as a sweep of sensuousness to the eyes. Long, curled, voluminous lashes take a hell of a time to create at home. And you may also apply falsies and glue to keep them in place. All of this is damaging to your natural lashes, especially when you keep doing it again and again during the holiday season. Instead, get eyelash extensions in the first or second week of December, and enjoy the rest of the month! Your extensions will be made of mink, silk or synthetic material, come in the color and volume of your choosing, and be completely water-proof. You can do everything in them, even apply mascara!

So what are you waiting for? Contact Savarnas Beauty Spa now to book your permanent makeup appointment for this holiday season. As per norms, many permanent makeup services cannot be done on the same day, or even within a gap of a few days. So you need to decide quickly what you want, plan out a schedule with our esthetician, and get your appointments in line to enjoy all through December.