Eyebrow Shapes to Know Before Microblading. Which Brow Shape Suits you the Best?

Have you finally decided to hop on the bandwagon and get microblading? Good for you! This is a very popular trend and gives you a stunning pair of fuss-free eyebrows. But there is something you need to know before you get that semi-permanent tattoo done — your eyebrow shape. Yes, before you get a tattoo etched for 2-3 years, you need to be sure about which eyebrow shape, color, and arch will fit you. Since there are different face shapes and hair types, you must take an overview of them carefully.

Hence here we are, outlining the different eyebrow shapes to know before microblading. This will help you lock down on which brow shape suits you the best.

Eyebrow Shapes to Know Before Microblading

Eyebrow shapes are broadly classified into 6 different types:

1. The Straight Brows

The straight brows, as the name suggests, are pretty easy and relaxed. The eyebrows are straight at the top as well as the bottom. There is no arch and no curve. In the contemporary beauty world, Korean beauties have made this shape more popular, and many in America also call it the ‘boy brow.’

Additionally, you can also customize this shape to your choice. For eg, you can get a gentle arch at the ends. The straight eyebrow shape is considered very simple and gives you a natural and structured look.

2. The Rounded Brows

This eyebrow shape has soft, round edges that are great to compliment sharper features. Women with sharp noses or harsh face angles would look great with rounded brows. The arch in rounded eyebrows is very slight, and quite further from the center of the brow. The slope down is gentle and very gradual, to create a natural effect.

When getting microblading, always note that round eyebrows naturally look full. So talk with your artist and decide accordingly on the color of your pigment and the fullness of strokes.

3. The Soft Arch Brows

Softly arched eyebrows are one of the most commonly found shapes on faces. This shape is natural in many ways. To achieve this, you may not need much work or shaping. The arch is neither very steep, nor very soft. It is just the right amount of peak between dramatic and natural.

Face Shapes: Round, Oval

4. The High Arch Brows

High arch brows are ideally suited to diamond and round face shapes. The hard angles add definition to the features and make your face look more chiseled. They are usually for women who covet a commanding or bold look.

5. The S-Shaped Brows

Shaped like a gentle ’S,’ this shape starts with a mild dip and then curves up gently, only to come back down. But this eyebrow shape is pretty high maintenance as the lines need regular threading. Makeup may also be necessary to fill in any gaps. If you naturally have S-shaped brows, then you may not need much of the above. Just some clean-up around the edges.

Which Brow Shape Suits you the Best?

  • By rule of thumb — nature is the best judge.
  • So the eyebrow shape you have been blessed with is naturally perfect for your face shape.
  • However, if you want to choose one of the above shapes for microblading, then consult with your aesthetician.
  • Make sure that your chosen shape doesn’t clash with your face shape.
  • For eg. don’t go for rounded eyebrows if you have a round face. You may end up softening your face that is already soft.
  • It is good to be inspired by celeb brow styles and shapes, but also take into account your face shape, hair color, and features.

To start your microblading journey, book your appointment at Savarnas Beauty Spa today. From your eyebrow shape consultation to personalized choices of pigment colors, our team will ensure you get the look of your dream. You may have reference pictures from your Pinterest board or celebrity magazines, and our staff will do their best to help you. After all, microblading is a long-term makeup. And we want you to be smiling every time you look at your brows in the mirror for years to come.