FAQs about Microblading

Lately, there has been a lot of noise about microblading. From fashion runways to silver screens, women have been sporting perfectly shaped, thick, dark and natural-looking brows everywhere. If you have just discovered this new trend and want to know more about it then you have landed on the right page. To make the world of microblading easy for you, we have curated the most popular FAQs about microbading. 

1. What is Microblading?

Microblading is a permanent makeup technique, where a medically-graded safe pigment is deposited in the upper layers of your skin. This pigment acts like a semi-permanent tattoo and gives the illusion of more brow hairs on your eyebrows. Especially since a small pen-like tattooing device is used to deposit this pigment. Its tiny needles make sure that the tattoo is made in hair-like strokes. 

2. Is Microblading Permanent?

No. It is not permanent. The pigment used in microblading fades over time (2-3 years). If you wish to maintain its colour and appearance then it is advised you go for regular yearly touchups. 

3. Can You Get Microblading in Different Colours?

Yes, you can. A wide selection of hair colour shades is on offer to match your natural hair colour. From browns to blondes to even shades of black. You can control what shade you want, how dark or intense you want it, and what shape you wish to keep your brows in. 

4. How Long Does it Take to Get Microblading?

The tattooing procedure itself is about 30-60 mins. The time before this is the consultation time when you and the aesthetician talk about your dream eyebrows, what colour you want them in, what shape you wish for, the arc that will suit your face etc. Some amount of time is also spent on measuring your face and features to place the brows symmetrically. On average, the entire appointment may last up to 2 hours. 

5. How Often to Touch-Up or Follow-Up?

Immediately after you get microblading, you may need to follow up twice within a span of 2 months. But once you cross that initial period where your aesthetician is satisfied with your healing and the final look, you are free to go a whole year. Then, one appointment per year for a touch-up is enough.

6. Is Microblading Waterproof?

Yes, it is. You can do just about anything — gym, bathe, shower, dive, swim underwater… and your microbladed eyebrows will remain just perfect.

7. Can You Apply Makeup Over Microbladed Eyebrows?

Of course, you can! All your usual makeup products like brow powder, brow gel, primer etc can be applied. 

8. Does Microblading Hurt?

It is a tattooing method, so you might experience mild pain. But a numbing anaesthetic cream is usually applied beforehand so that your pain is reduced to minor discomfort. On the flip side, once the procedure begins and you get over your initial shock, you may get used to it. 

9. Can I Get Microblading When Pregnant?

It is preferred that you don’t. These types of cosmetic procedures are usually not performed by any aesthetician or spa on pregnant women. 

10. Can I Make my Microblading Last Longer?

There are no sure-shot ways to make your microblading last longer. Because many factors influence how fast (or slow) your microblading fades.

  • Your Skin Type: It fades faster for oily skin type
  • Sun: Sun exposure may accelerate the discolouration of pigment and hence fading
  • Pigment Colour: Lighter colours fade quicker
  • Use of Anti-aging Products: Anti-ageing substances like AHA, Retin-A, Tretinoin etc may also make it fade faster. 


However, yearly touch-ups help keep your microblading looking fresh and sharp.

11. Can I Get Microblading a Day Before my Vacation?

No. Please do not. Because the aftercare of microblading is long (10-14 days). You need to avoid the sun, the water, the sweat, and let your brows heal gently. Also, your eyebrows won’t look the best version of themselves just yet. So give it about 2 weeks (4 weeks ideally) before you leave on your vacation. 

12. Can I Get Microblading Before My Wedding?

Sure you can. Just make sure that you get it at least 1-2 months in advance. It would be better to get it 3-6 months in advance and then go for a touch-up. This gives you ample time to tweak and tamper to get the final look you want for your wedding. 

That’s about all. All these questions mostly cover the most important details about microblading. If you are tempted to get this permanent makeup for yourself then contact Savarnas Beauty Spa now. Book your appointment and talk it out at length with our aesthetician before going for your dream eyebrows!