Healing After Microblading : A Day by Day Guide

Have you been frantically researching about after-care of microblading? This means you are halfway convinced about getting it done. So congratulations on your impending beautiful brows! 

Now, about what happens after you get microblading — it is a pretty simple couple of days. You may need to be a little vigilant and careful, and follow the instructions of your spa diligently. But otherwise, there is nothing too tedious about the after-care. To know in detail what is microblading healing process and how long does it last, read on.

Microblading Healing Process

The complete healing process post microblading lasts for about a month. But 2 weeks into your microblading should be good for you to start relieving major restraints. Having said that, every skin is different, some skin types heal faster while others take longer. It also depends on a few other factors like:


                    Medical History

                    Health conditions

A Typical Month of Microblading Healing Process: 

Day 1 - Day 3

Eyebrows may Look Fuller, Darker

Face may Feel Tender and Tight

Your first few days might be slightly shocking, as your eyebrows may appear bolder, much darker, and fuller than you expected.

But remember that they are still freshly made, and within a few weeks the color will fade to what you intended.

You might also experience redness in the area, swelling, tenderness, and mild bleeding.

You may also feel like you have been bruised around the eyebrows. But that’s because tiny needles cut into your skin. So don’t worry, let it settle on its own.

Day 3 - Day 5

Eyebrows Still Dark

Flaking may Begin

Your tenderness, bleeding, and swelling may subside by now, but the brows remain dark.

On your 5th day, you may experience minor chipping off. Your eyebrows might start to scab and flake away.

This may cause itchiness too, which is a sign of skin healing.

Try and keep your hands away from the area, tempting as it may be to scratch the itch.

Day 5 - Day 8

Eyebrows Flake

Color Fades

In these days, you may experience more flaking, scabbing, and even peeling from your eyebrows.

Do not pick at any flakes or scabs in the area. Let them fall off naturally and heal.

Scratching the area at this stage may chip away more pigment, which you don’t want. Because then your eyebrows will appear patchy. 

At this stage, you may also notice the color begin to fade marginally. It may appear softer than the shade you want, but don’t worry. The color will return. 

Day 8 - Day 12

The Colour Returns

End of Flaking

In the second week of healing, your color will come back and the flaking will slowly stop. 

Day 12 - Day 21

Colour & Texture Balance Out

Usually, the 2-week mark is a milestone in the microblading healing process. Because after this, most of the skin healing is complete, and now it’s about the color, texture, and boldness of your eyebrows.

The pigment is now adjusting in your skin.

Your natural eyebrow hairs begin settling and getting defined. This will create the look of feathery brows. 

Day 21 - Day 30

Complete Healing

In the last few days of your healing month, you will find that any pain, tenderness, or discomfort is completely gone.

Now your eyebrows may also start looking more natural, shaped just as you imagined, in the color that you coveted.

It may still take another month for you to completely adjust to them, but a couple of follow-up appointments with your aesthetician will fill any sparse areas and help more in healing. 

How Long Does Microblading Healing Process Last?

As sketched above, the microblading healing process lasts from 25-30 days. But the first 7 days are crucial. In these days you are asked to keep water, lotions, soaps, and creams away from your eyebrows. But once you cross the week-mark, the healing becomes easier.

Microblading is a boon today. When time is literally money for busy women, this technique helps keep the makeup routine fuss-free. Since you too want to enjoy the perks of perfect, pretty, and low-maintenance eyebrows then get going already. Savarnas Beauty Spa offers a great range of permanent makeup, including microblading. Our team is skilled and experienced, helping customers achieve their eyebrow dreams.