How does Microblading Make your Life Easy?

Microblading is a very coveted treatment, availed by a lot of women — from celebrities to influencers, models to professionals. But why is it so popular? What’s so special about microblading that everybody wants it suddenly? Well, aside from the obvious — that microblading enhances the beauty of your eyebrows, it is known to make your life easier. Your everyday life, your work life, your party life… everything seems a little more sorted when you have microblading. Let us find out how does microblading make your life easy?

1. Saves Time

When your eyebrows have that perfect microbladed look — neatly shaped and thick, you save time getting ready! Your daily makeup routine gets shortened drastically as you no longer need to take all those complicated tools and spoolies and brow gels to do your eyebrows. They are just ready to get-set-go at any time of the day. Also, you save a ton of time on touch-ups throughout the day as microblading needs absolutely no touch-ups whatsoever, except one yearly visit to the spa.

2. Saves Money

Well, if you don’t apply much makeup to your eyebrows anymore, you don’t need to spend so much on buying new products! Once you get microblading in your preferred colour and shape, you can easily put away your brushes, spoolies, and tweezers. You can also stop your monthly spending on brow pencils, primers, gels and whatnot. You will be saving a pretty penny because makeup is very expensive, especially good eye makeup!

3. Saves Your Skin from Makeup

Daily application of makeup, regular touch-ups throughout the day, and the subsequent continuation for months and years may not be too good for your skin. Especially if you don’t remove your makeup properly every night or forget to do so. Such practices may lead to chronic dry skin, premature signs of aging, acne, breakouts and blackheads. But with microbladed eyebrows, you can rest assured that your skin (at least the skin around your eyebrows) can be saved from the daily dose of makeup.

4. Lets you Enjoy Workouts Stress-Free

Makeup and workout don’t make a good combination. All that heat, sweat and water melt the sturdiest of makeup. Even that waterproof mascara or brow gel end up looking caked if not completed melted when you are done with your workout. And if you are going for those laps in the pool or surfing or kayaking… then it’s best to forget makeup. Microblading, however, makes your workout life easy. It is waterproof and doesn’t need any pre or post-care. So just jump into that pool or ride that wave without worry. And about those sweat rivulets that you hate running down your face at the gym? Let them flow! In fact, take cute selfies with them. Your eyebrows will still be on point.

5. Eases your Work Life

Microblading makes your work life pretty easy too. Imagine all the little breaks that you may need to refresh your makeup in the bathroom or those pre-meeting bathroom trips you take to quickly run a brush over your eyebrows to look sharp. Nothing of that sort is required with microblading. What’s more, you can straight away jump from a meeting to a party without much need to apply more makeup. Even bare-faced, your sharp and perfect eyebrows will make your face attractive.

6. Makes Mom-Life a Cakewalk

Moms lead busy lives. There are days which seem just too long and at the same time get over in a snap. All those school and soccer pick-ups, play dates, shopping sprees and grocery runs may not leave much time for you to enjoy some makeup. But get microblading once and your life is sorted for at least 2-3 years. You can walk out of your house at any time and look amazing, even when you are not showered and haven’t had your morning coffee yet!

7. Makes Vacations Relaxed

Vacations are the time to sit back and enjoy. But most women often start the day with a long hour of getting ready. After all, we all want to look good in our ‘vacay’ pictures. We all want perfect insta-stories! That is where microblading comes into the picture. When you get microblading and other permanent makeup done, you can relax completely. You can walk out un-showered to breakfast. You can swim in the pool or laze by the beach without needing any makeup. You will still look amazing!

So, if we have successfully convinced you of the amazing ways microblading makes your life easy then it is time to get it! At Savarnas Beauty Spa we offer a range of permanent makeup, with microblading being one of our most special services. So book now to get your preferred appointment slot. We can’t wait to make