How to Choose the Perfect Lip Color While Getting Permanent Lipcolor?

Permanent lip color is a trend catching up fast in the world of beauty. Women of all ages and spheres are choosing to opt for it as a means to get a natural lift and pout to their lips. But when they actually visit the salon to get a permanent lip color treatment, they are presented with a wide variety of shades for the color. At this point, how to choose the perfect lip color? How to make your permanent lip color look the best, suit you, and work out for everyday wear? Let us look at deciphering this riddle. 

Here’s a guide on how to choose the perfect lip color while getting permanent lip color?

Permanent Lipcolor

A pigment of your chosen color is deposited in your lips or as a liner around your lips. This helps define them, give them a natural rosy hue and also make them pop in a pout. But unlike tattoos, permanent lip color (despite its name), fades in a couple of years. Ideally, you must choose a soft lip color that suits your everyday wear. This gives you a wide berth in terms of applying dramatic lipsticks for special occasions. But there is no ideal everyday wear for all skin tones. Every woman is different, every skin tone is different, and every set of features and lip shapes are different. To help you determine the best color for your lips, here’s a guide:

STEP I: First Identify Your Skin Undertone

There are three kinds of undertones — pink undertone, yellow undertone and neutral undertone. How to find which one is yours?

Check your veins under your skin. 

  • If your veins look blue, then you are said to have a pink skin undertone.
  • If your veins look green, then you are said to have a warm, yellow skin undertone.
  • If your veins look like a color between blue and green, then you are said to have a neutral undertone and lip colours for either will suit you.

STEP II: Choose Which Shade Suits Which Undertone

- Pink Undertone: cool colours like purple, blues and related shades are suitable 

- Yellow Undertone: warm colours like oranges, reds and related shades are suitable 

STEP III: Lipcolors for Skin Tones

Here’s a guide for which lip color goes with which skin tones:

1. Pale Skin Tone

Women with pale skin tone will look the best in a peachy lip color. Anything in the peach spectrum will look good on them. You can go from light to dark depending on your preference. For eg. for women who have thin lips and need them to look fuller, darker shades work well. But don’t choose very dark shades as they look too contrasting with the paleness of your skin. Not very ideal for everyday wear. 

2. Olive Skin Tone

Olive or Mediterranean skin tones work well with warm colours like reds, amber, corals etc. But for a permanent lip color, it is recommended that you not opt for very dark reds as they limit your look for a sober or dignified setting. Therefore choose something light from the coral or amber spectrum. If you are going for red, then go for a subdued tone to avoid a very great contrast with your skin.

3. Dark Skin Tone

Contrary to what people say about dark skin, this tone is basically open to a large number of shades. From orange to corals to reds. You have better and more flexible options for dark skin tones. The only lip shades to avoid are pale and chalky ones that look extremely contrasting with the skin. 

4. Light Asian Skin Tone

Light Asian skin has a unique, pale, yellowish undertone. For such a skin type, soft and natural coral colours suit well. What also looks enticing on this skin tone is red, even in its boldest form. But since you are getting permanent makeup, we recommend not going very dark. Later on, you can always apply a dark coat for any special occasion. 

So choose your lip color shade wisely, and make your permanent lip color suit you naturally. A tip is, to consult your aesthetician in advance about the lip color shades available, and try a similar lipstick beforehand. This way you will know vaguely how the end result will look. Book your appointment with

Savarnas Beauty Spa now and get a permanent lip color or lipliner of your choice. It’s going to change your everyday lip makeup routine!