Is Microblading Possible for Oily Skin?

In the thousands of microblading dos and don’ts out there, you must have come across a section on oily skin. Many opinions have pointed that microblading on oily skin is not a very good decision. For one, the procedure itself is difficult. For two, the result doesn’t last as long as dry skin. But are these opinions based on facts? And if they are, is there a way around them to let the women with oily skin enjoy the wonders of microblading too? Today we are here to solve this puzzle and answer one question — Is microblading possible for oily skin?

Signs of Oily Skin

Since you are here, it is a given that you have oily skin. But sometimes it is important to determine if it is your skin type or just the humidity talking. That is why, here are the patent signs of oily skin:

-     Skin that shines, even under your makeup

-     Greasy appearance

-     Pores that are visible as they are quite large

-     Persistent clogged pores that lead to blackheads

-     Acne, pimples and pimple scars

The Process of Microblading

Some call it a cosmetic tattoo, while others call it brow tattooing. Because in microblading, a safe pigment is deposited in the epidermis or upper layer of your skin using a tattooing tool. The needles of this tool are very tiny, to create hair-like strokes to resemble volume in your eyebrows. 

So then, why is this procedure so different for oily skin?

A couple of reasons:

  • Oily skin is more slippery to work with.
  • The strokes made end up expanding naturally.
  • The pores are large.
  • The excessive oils in the skin interact with the pigment and make it fade faster.

However, microblading is possible for oily skin. Here’s how.

Microblading for Oily Skin

1. The Esthetician’s Discretion

The first condition is your aesthetician’s analysis. The esthetician ends up doing a thorough check of your skin and the degree of your skin’s oiliness. Based on this they may pronounce if you are indeed eligible for microblading or recommend another cosmetic procedure that may suit your skin better. In most cases, estheticians are all for microblading on oily skin. 

2. The Experience of the Esthetician

For oily skin, the strokes made can expand and become thicker. The pigment may also fade a lot faster. That is why the experience and skill of an esthetician are of utmost importance. If you go to somebody who has a good reputation, then rest assured, even on oily skin you will come out with phenomenal results. This is because the esthetician will create fewer strokes and leave more space in between. So even if the strokes expand, it won’t look clustered. And when they call you for your touch-up, your esthetician will take a call on whether to add more strokes or not.

3. The Touch-Ups

Unlike other skin types, oily skin needs more microblading touch-ups. Usually, after your first few appointments to check on the progress of your microblading, you are called back only after a year for a touch-up. But in the case of microblading on oily skin, you may need to go in earlier. The increase in this frequency can prove to be a little on the expensive side. 

4. The Duration

For most women, microblading with yearly touch-ups lasts for up to 3 years. But for oily skin, the results won’t last much longer than 1.5-2 years. Even after all the care you take. You may touch up more often and stretch the longevity but the pigments will fade faster. 

5. The Aftercare

Aftercare of microblading on oily skin is not very different from other skin types. You just have to take more care to prevent your brow area from getting very oily. This can be achieved by using blotting paper on your brow from time to time to pick up any excess oils and let the tattoo heal well. The cleaning of the area must also be done with a non-oily cleanser, which will be recommended by your esthetician. 

To find the right esthetician for microblading on oily skin, visit Savarnas Beauty Spa. Our team is skilled, reputed and experienced, with the artists having a long list of happy clients. Yes, there is a line of challenges for microblading on oily skin. But victory lies in overcoming them and getting the result of your dreams. Which is our only goal. So take care and see you there!