Is Permanent Lipcolor Helpful for Dark Lips?

Pink and rosy lips are a dream for women. But due to a number of factors, they may turn dull and dark. Be it dryness or ageing, excessive use of makeup or exposure to the sun… your natural lip colour might not be as attractive as it once used to be. But lately, models and actresses have been sporting something called permanent lip color. This permanent makeup technique has been making their lips look rosy and pretty all the time (even when they are not wearing any lipstick). So is permanent lip color the answer to dull lips? Is permanent lip color helpful for dark lips? Let us find out here.

Main Reasons for Dark Lips

There are a lot of reasons behind the darkness or dullness of your lips. Some of these reasons may be hereditary, while some are due to lifestyle. Let us have a look:

  • Smoking: Smoking is one of the topmost reasons for dark lips. If you ever looked at a smoker, you would observe how their lips are drier and darker, and even shrunk due to lack of moisture. They may also sport more lines and wrinkles around their mouth.
  • Allergens: You may have applied lipstick or gloss that had an allergen. This may turn the color of your lips dark and dry. It’s temporary though, and you may find relief once you stop using the product. 
  • Dryness: Skin dryness due to weather may also make your lips look dark.
  • Skin Disorders: Skin problems like melasma, Vitamin B12 deficiency etc make also lead to dark lips.
  • Hormonal Problems: Hormonal imbalances may also cause your lips to crack, chip and darken. This is usually observed in pre-menopausal and menopausal women. 
  • Lack of Exfoliation: If you don’t practise a healthy routine of exfoliating your lips then the dead skin cells may accumulate and dull their appearance.
  • Age: Ageing may lead to a slowing of cell turnover, and hence drier, duller lips.
  • Sun Exposure

Advantages of Permanent Lipcolor for Dark Lips:

1. A Rosy Hue

Permanent lip color is a procedure where mineral-based pigments are deposited on your lips to impart a soft hue to them. These pigments are injected in powder form so that they last longer and don’t fade away easily. The main ingredients in these mineral lip colors may be kojic acid or hydroquinone, which are not allergy-causing for most people. However, your aesthetician does ensure that you are completely good to go. 

This ensures that your dull lips that may have darkened over time may get a brand-new hue of your choosing. You can go for light pinks and reds or choose something bolder too.

2. No Makeup or Allergens

Once you get your permanent lip color, you won’t need to put on your everyday lip makeup like lipsticks, lip pencils, or even glosses. Especially if they caused allergic reactions in your skin or body. So if you have one of those sensitive skin types, then you can rest assured that you would avoid allergens at all costs. 

3. Natural Pout 

Permanent makeup is added in such a way, that your dry and dull lips get a natural boost. You can obviously go for a pout-worthy permanent lip-color and lipliner procedure too. And since you have got the pout, the light plays off its plump contours so that your lips never appear dark or dull. It’s a play of colour, light and smart aesthetician work after all!

4. Longterm

Permanent lip color is very helpful for dark lips not only in overcoming the dull appearance but also in maintaining it long-term. Permanent lip color may last up to 3 years, which can be extended with regular touch-ups and proper maintenance. Even if you have hyperpigmentation or sun-darkened lips, permanent makeup will help you. 

Tips to Avoid Dark Lips:

  • Apply sunscreen on your lips when stepping out into the sun.
  • Moisturise your lips every day, be it with a moisturiser or a lip balm. 
  • Scrub and exfoliate your lips regularly (once a week at least) to remove all dry and dead skin cells. 
  • Give up smoking, it is probably the worst habit for your body, and doesn’t spare your lips either.
  • Keep your permanent lip color touch-up appointments and follow a healthy lifestyle to maintain its appearance. 

If you are getting permanent lip color for your dark lips, then make sure you get it from a reputed spa, under an experienced aesthetician. In the Virginia Beach area, there is Savarnas Beauty Spa for you, where our experienced team helps not only brighten your dull lips but also give you a personalised experience of getting your permanent lip color done.