What is Microblading? how it's done and its benefits.

Brows are not only important for protecting your eyes from foreign particles, they are also important as they are important for your appearance. Sparse brows give a less defined look whereas properly tamed and well shaped brows give your appearance a boost. We all seek for those properly crafted, shaped and full brows. For this we might even use certain cosmetics.

With the state of advancement and recent techniques, Microblading is a technique that is gaining much popularity. Microblading happens to be one of the most sought after techniques of makeup in recent times. One would rather call it a handy and an excellent treatment instead of technique. Owing to stress, lifestyle and environmental concerns, sometimes, our eyebrows become really sparse. Some people suffer from a medical condition that is known as alopecia. Some people might also have naturally sparse eyebrows. Many of us complain of having thinner eyebrows as we are ageing. Whatever the case may be, nowadays there are alternatives like eyebrow gels, pencils and so much more!! With these cosmetics, you can make your brows bolder and fuller. Many of them might even give a fuller and a very natural look. But all these options can become irritating and frustrating when they are to be used repeatedly, with several touch ups in a day!! In today’s hectic lifestyle, maintaining your brows day in and day out might become very challenging for us. When we are required to manage our eyebrows all the time, be it during work or at parties, we often end up neglecting the look of our brows.

However, in the trending times, all you Instagramer  and social media buffs must have heard about this new technique called microblading. And yes, you heard it right; it is a permanent technique for having better, fuller, and well-defined brows!! What could be better than this isn’t it?

Microblading is the most hassle free technique known today to get very well defined, fuller brows. That is not all, they are properly tamed and even look very natural. Now you can get the desired shape without the hassles of trying to draw that perfect shape and failing at so many attempts!! You must be wondering what good will the microblading technique do? To know about microblading and its benefits, you are certainly on the right page. Read on to know more.

At Savarnas Beauty Spa we use this microblading technique to draw the perfect eyebrow shape. We don’t believe in one shape suits all formula, and so we first show you the shape that will suit your face. We, in short, become the architects of your brows, but all with your approval. Microblading is the most popular trend in beauty and skin care line right now. This process needs to be done with great precision and utmost care. The best thing about microblading is that it is not like tattooing of the skin that penetrates deep in the skin, but it essentially stays on the surface. So it protects the penetration of any sort of harmful chemicals in your skin.

Microblading is a new beauty trend where eyebrows are tattooed onto the skin by drawing tiny lines. These lines essentially resemble the human eyebrowhair. This is a tattooing technique, but it is semi permanent one. It will create hair like strokes on your brows to fill in the sparse or thinning brows. The practice will eventually give you an effortless full brow!! Yes, you heard that right!! A full brow that requires no use of expensive brow pencils or brow gels everyday. Savarnas Permanent Make-up artist will implant the pigment in the form of hair-like strokes in your epidermis to create fuller, more defined brows in the most desirable shape.

People are often concerned if microblading is a difficult process and if it hurts. It actually doesn’t, because of a numbing ointment applied. It is more like a sensation. You don’t have to go through the pains, like one during tattooing. The process of numbing your eyebrows is also very safe and does not lead to any sort of complications. The pigment leaves no scarring or discoloration, as is often asked by our clients. So, the good news is, that microblading can be undone!! They look natural, are basically hair-like strokes that aren’t ingrained deep into the skin, and hence they are a less painful process!!

If you want to change your look and get away with your scanty and boring untamed brows, book your appointment now, with the best and most trained professional experts at Savarnas Beauty Spa. Get yourself a perfect microblading that will turn the eyes on you. Hurry, don’t wait and get perfectly tamed, well defined brows in just no time that too without any maintenance hassles!!