Why is Microblading a Boon for Older Women?

Microblading is a new-age trend that is taking the world of beauty by storm. Models on runways are flaunting it, and heroines look great in it — on and off-screen. This permanent makeup technique is transforming eyebrows. It is greatly beneficial for those women who have thin or scarce hairs, as well as for those who have lost brow hairs due to illnesses or therapies. But microblading is beneficial to another category of women too, a category that consists of a huge part of our society — the older women. Yes, you heard it right. 

Let us tell you today why microblading is a book for older women. 

Eyebrows in Older Women

As we age, our skin begins to thin out, lose its elasticity, and also lose its strength. At the same time, our hair also may lighten or turn grey. This is nature at work, and cannot be reversed. Here are the characteristics of eyebrows in older women:

-     Thinner and sparser hairs

-     Light, grey, white or silvers in the eyebrow hairs

-     Accelerated hair loss from eyebrows due to menopause, hormonal changes, thyroid and other medications

-     Hair loss due to nutrient and vitamin deficiencies  

-     Wrinkles and thinning skin around the brows

-     Over-plucked eyebrows may become even more stunted to grow at this age

Remedies for the Mature Brow:

With the above changing your eyebrows into a more mature version of themselves, here are a few tactics and remedies to make them look attractive:

  • Daily dose of filler makeup: Older women need to apply a lot of eyebrow makeup that includes brow pencils, powders and primers to make the eyebrows look thicker, darker and attractive.
  • Hair-growth serums and oils: Many older women turn towards eyebrow hair growth serums as well as oils if they are suffering from stunted growth. 
  • A pause on brow waxing/threading: Some women stop threading their brows altogether as they fear that plucking out or removing more hair will result in sparse eyebrows.
  • Eyebrow Wigs: These are also pretty common nowadays as women buy brow wigs from salons or spas and apply them with a temporary glue on special occasions. 

Why Microblading is a Book for Older Women?

As mentioned above, there are a few ways to tackle the problem of thinning mature brows. But they are either short-term or not very feasible to practise every day. Here’s where microblading comes into the picture. This permanent makeup technique is a real boon. In this, a pen-like tattooing device is used to deposit a medically graded pigment in the upper layers of your eyebrow skin. The pen has tiny needles that work in hair-like strokes on your brows, creating the illusion of eyebrow hairs. Hence your brows appear thicker, darker and more beautiful. 

For older women:

  • Applying extensive brow makeup every day is a tough job. At this age, they may lack good hand-eye coordination and it may become difficult to do touch-ups every now and then.
  • For women who haven’t worn much makeup in their youth, they anyway refrain from any kind of makeup that looks unnatural. But microblading looks very natural, in fact, it enhances the beauty of your natural brows. 
  • A good aesthetician usually works so precisely and carefully on your eyebrows that you look like you have a natural grace. 
  • You can select the shape, arch and even the colour of your eyebrows.
  • You then get a nice window of 2-3 years where you enjoy the look of microblading with only annual touch-ups. 
  • You can let go of your tweezing, waxing and other eyebrow shaping routine.
  • You can kiss goodbye to the big collection of brow makeup, as well as the tedious techniques of applying it.
  • Older actresses like Helen Mirren have shown the world that age is no bar when it comes to microblading. In fact, they can flaunt their microblading with panache, as well as look graceful doing it. So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment at Savarnas Beauty Spa to get your mature brows the perfection it deserves. You will not only be gifting yourself an attractive pair of eyebrows but also be saving up on a lot of makeup money, energy and repeated trips to the salon.