Why is Microblading Preferred During Winter

Microblading has picked up traction over the last couple of years. From TV stars to Hollywood celebs, and Instagram influencers to TickTockers, you see eyebrows that are perfectly made and thick and dark. All year round, spas and salons are minting on this trend, and yet, winter is a busy season for microblading. Why is that? Why is microblading preferred during winter? Let us in you on some of the secret reasons why, so that you can get your microblading done this winter too!

  1. Cooler Weather

Microblading involves tiny cuts made into your eyebrow skin, filled with pigment to give them the illusion of thicker hair. These cuts need some time to heal, and they also need certain conditions to heal better and faster. Since winter weather is cooler, this helps the cuts heal faster. You sweat less, your body produces lesser oils, and overall — the cuts can heal without pushing the pigment out. Therefore estheticians call fall and winter the best seasons for microblading. Fall is less so, as there are some chances of rain.

  1. Milder Sun

So the pigment they deposit in your skin during microblading? Yeah, that pigment color might change. The norm is that it becomes slightly lighter in the healing process. But exposure to sun or tanning beds can alter the shade of the pigment altogether. So if you get your microblading during the spring or summer season, you may well have to avoid going out during the day for the first couple of weeks. However, the sun is mild in winter. The days are gloomy. The heat hardly touches you. This is hence a great time to let your pigment settle nicely into your skin, without changing shade.

  1. Fewer Adventures

Microblading is also preferred during winter as unlike your summer holidays, there aren’t many adventures to chase during this season. It’s mostly parties, events, some mild ice skating or a walk in the woods at the most. The fact is, you must avoid water-based activities and adventure sports for at least 2-4 weeks after microblading. Water is not a good help to healing. In fact, it is counterproductive. Winter helps you avoid activities like outdoor sports, swimming, bungee jumping, river rafting etc while not getting any FOMO vibes!

  1. Upcoming Festivities

The main reason behind getting microblading for most women is to look stunning. Be it at their everyday work meetings or parties. No time like winter to flaunt your perfect eyebrows though as huge festivities are coming up. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, Hanukkah to New Year. And nobody attends just one party. It’s a mix of office parties, school get-togethers, family Christmas Eve and the New Year bash. You want to look your best for all.

  1. Holiday Deals

Since it’s the holidays, and marketers know that everybody is in the mood to spend, you will catch great deals on microblading. Because let’s admit it — this permanent makeup is not cheap by any means. Holiday makes your decision to get microblading easier, especially if you get better deals like inexpensive spa memberships, complimentary facials or other services to redeem later. At Savarnas Beauty Spa, we offer an excellent membership program for you, to get your microblading at a deal so sweet that you cannot resist. The program also extends to skin and waxing services as well as threading, facials and other permanent makeup.

  1. Better Results for Oily Skin

One other benefit of preferring microblading during winter — is for women with oily skin. Generally, if you have oily skin, then you may not get the best results after microblading. They may not last as long either. This is because the oils secreted by your pores interfere with the pigment settling into the skin. They push the pigment out and give you a reduced result as compared to somebody with dry skin. This may become even dire in a wet or hot season like spring or summer, as the weather also coaxes out more oil and sweat from your skin. Winter. however, is blessedly helpful to oily skin. The dryness in the air reduces oil production too, bringing you better microblading results.

If you have oily skin then don’t be disheartened yet. A good esthetician with the right equipment and skill can bring you your desired result. Contact Savarnas Beauty Spa to book your appointment with one of our skilled and experienced estheticians. Because this winter, we are here to make your eyebrows look stunning!