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What is Henna Designing?
Henna designing is an ancient art of decorating the body with beautiful henna natural staining dye that lasts for two or three weeks. The art of Henna (Mehndi), has been practiced for centuries in India, Africa and Middle east. It is well documented that beautiful Cleopatra herself used henna for cosmetic purposes. Today, it is not only used in religious rituals & ceremonies, but has also has gained appreciation in other cultures & countries as a beautiful art to be appreciated at any time.

So, What exactly is it?
Henna Designing is a temporary art done on the body with henna paste .Henna powder is derived from the plant Lawsonia inermis commonly found in South Central Asia .Henna itself is used for many things such as skin conditioner, hair treatment and heat rash relief. Henna paste is what is made to apply henna art designs.
Henna powder is green in color, but the stain it leaves behind is usually an orange red color. The beautifully intricate design patterns are similar to those used for ceremonies and rituals. They are usually applied on the hands and feet of the wearer , but can be applied anywhere.
Today, henna is been applied in contemporary designs. If you are contemplating a permanent tattoo you might apply first to see if its look before making a permanent decision. Or, you may just enjoy having a temporary design knowing that it will wash off in a few weeks. Whatever your reasons might be for being interested in henna, you are delving into a beautiful art form rich in culture .

Benefits of Henna
An Art of Perfection
Au Naturale
Temporary Designs
An Art of Beauty

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