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permanent makeup

Waking up beautiful and feeling great is no longer a dream. This has become a reality with permanent makeup by Savarnas Beauty. It is a terrific solution for a natural restoration of youthful & younger appearance.

Permanent makeup is more convenient than traditional makeup, especially for those allergic to traditional cosmetics needing to reapply throughout the day, struggling with the smudges, marks, trying to get straight and even lines. People with active lifestyles may swim, do aerobics and engage in fun activities while looking their best.

Price ListNon-MembersMembers
Microblading $650 $550
Lipliner $350 $300
Lip color $350 $300
Eyeliner $450 $400
Touch ups $150 $100

Combo services
Price ListNon-MembersMembers
Microblading(in touch ups) $800 $650
Lipliner with lip color $700 $600
Lipliner with lip color touch ups $850 $800
Eyeliner up and down $550 $500
Eyeliner up and down with touch ups $700 $600