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Natural Rose Cleanser

To strike a balance between removing dirt and regenerating lost skin cells. Savarnas Mantra Natural Rose Cleanser uses the ingenious ingredient: Rose Hip Seed Oil.

Rose Hip Seed Oil is an active ingredient that offers extensive benefits to the rejuvenation process and maintained health of your skin. Rich in Vitamin A, C, E and F, it helps influence collagen growth which helps to reduce wrinkles and restore a firmer, smoother and younger looking appearance.

ncluded in a deep cleansing gel, Savarnas Mantra natural rose. Cleanser helps deliver skin nourishing, and collagen boosting vitamins in an invigorating and rejuvenating wash.

Natural Wheat Cleanser

Savarnas Mantra Natural Wheat Cleanser will gently, yet effectively remove make-up and impurities while leaving skin moist and relaxed. The aromatic oil of strawberry and soapfree cleansing formula gently cleanses, softens and conditions without stressing or dehydrating your skin. This formula is suited for all skin types and is particularly beneficial for dry, sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Natural Wheat Germ Cleanser

For thousands of years, mankind has cultivated cereal grains like wheat. As a staple crop, serving an enormous range of wholesome purpose, it’s little wonder that the nourishing content of this valuable commodity has been explored and capitalized for its aesthetic benefit.

Savarnas Mantra Cleanser provides an expertly formulated solution to deliver both a superior clean and the revitalizing advantages of Wheat Germ oil. Extracted from the germs of the wheat crop, this vitamin loaded ingredient exhibits anti-oxidant and skin rejuvenating properties.

As a Cleanser, it’s both convenient and appropriate for everyday use.It’s foaming action helps for widespread coverage, offering maximum skin refreshment and a thorough wash