Waking up beautiful and feeling great is no longer a dream. This has become a reality with permanent makeup by Savarnas Beauty. It is a terrific solution for a natural restoration of youthful & younger appearance.

Permanent makeup is more convenient than traditional makeup, especially for those allergic to traditional cosmetics needing to reapply throughout the day, struggling with the smudges, marks, trying to get straight and even lines. People with active lifestyles may swim, do aerobics and engage in fun activities while looking their best.


Tired of skinny and scanty eyebrows?? Introducing microblading to fill brows. Microblading is a new beauty trend where eyebrows are tattooed onto the skin by drawing tiny lines, resembling hair.

This is a semi-permanent tattooin/g technique that creates hair like strokes to fill in sparse or thinning brows. The practice aims to give you an effortless full brow ― no need for expensive brow pencils or gels. Savarnas Permanent Make-up artist implants pigment in hair-like strokes in the epidermis to create fuller, more defined brows.

Microblading is the most popular trend in Beauty right now.


A popular "permanent makeup" treatment, Eyeliner Perfection gives you perfectly applied eyeliner that brings out the beauty of your eye — highlighting and enhancing its shape.

You will always have the perfect line, no matter the time of day or No more smudges, unevenness, imperfections; A subtle eyeliner in black or brown is appropriate for every day and can be made more dramatic with the add-on of more colors.


Those perfectly defined, fuller lips you have always wanted n dreamt are finally achievable. Permanent makeups changes and enhances your lips in many ways. Healthy lips make you look younger and sensual. Always. With permanent lipliner you will be able to eat, do all everyday activities and still retain that youthful glow which you were always looking for.


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