Eyes are the mirrors of your soul. Perfectly shaped eyebrows frame the face beautifully & give an instant face lift. Beautiful Eyebrows contour your eyes, enhance them & brighten the face. Our experts will treat your eyebrows to help you in getting the look you want, whether it is sexy, elegant, polished or just plain beautiful.


This treatment is recommended to correct over plucking and/or neglect of brows. Our experts first remove excess growth and then gently apply our specially formulated Rejuvenating Oil to nourish brows. Then your brows are skillfully threaded and sculpted to the shape which best suits your face & bring out your best features.


We endeavor to reshape your eyebrows to replicate your favorite celebrities’ brows. Whether it is Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian, our artists will make your eyebrow dreams come true!


Our Eyebrow wig treatments are a beautiful solution designed for those who have sparse, thinning or no eyebrows. Whatever isthe reason chemotherapy, stress, over plucking or hereditary; our eyebrow wigs are carefully placed to emulate the growth pattern of natural eyebrows. Our eyebrow wigs are created out of real human hair & the shapes are chosen to fit the contours of your brow area. We endeavor to match the wig color to your hair color. With regular use the eyebrows may last for 2 to 3 months. It is recommended that you remove them each night.


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