Long eyelashes are considered a sign of femininity & women seek to enhance their eyelash length using eyelash extensions. Kohl, a black powder, has been worn from centuries to protect and enhance lashes. It was used as well by the wealthy to protect their eyes from the sand, dust, and bugs. Modern eye makeup includes mascara, eyeliner, eye putty, and eye shadow to emphasize the eyes! Eyelash tint treatments dramatically upgrade your beauty. Our natural rejuvenator increases the health & length of your lashes. Think sultry, long, lush lashes are just for celebrities? Give us the opportunity & will make you a celebrity !


Eyelash extensions are the ultimate beauty accessory for today's busy woman! At Savarnas we use the world's finest eyelash extension product on the market, as seen on celebrities, super models and movie stars. We offer customized lashes tailored just for you and offer a vast stock of lashes to suit your style. Our semi-permanent lash extensions are applied directly to each individual eyelash with safe surgical glue. Lashes look and feel totally natural and last as long as you refill them. You can swim, shower and exercise worry-free as our lashes are 100% waterproof! Perfect for anyone who desires perfect long and sensual lashes every day without the need of mascara. Choose your treatment & get ready to be noticed!


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