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I did not like the "must have an appointment" requirement.
 The employee did a superb job on my eyebrows. I highly recommend them. A great value for the money, far surpasses waxing.
They are awesome!
I love this place! I had lived in Turkey for 2 years and got my eyebrows threaded there.This place is the closest thing to that, price too!  With the $30 a year membership you get a $2 discount, that is $8 for eyebrows!!  I also invested in their face wash and toner.  It was on the pricey side but it has done wonders for my skin
enjoyed the quiet and calming atmosphere.
they do good job.the staff are very pleasant.
Love ît and my eyebrows have never looked better
I absolutely love this place. Pretty painless, great results, and the results last. Definitely get the membership only $30 to sign up then it's only $8 for eyebrows. I read above they only use alcohol that's not true.  She uses some sort of rose oil on me.  She said my skin was more sensitive and the alcohol would burn and cause reddening. I might have a little redness but it's gone within 10-15 minutes.
Hope to c more groupons for this place ...
The service was quick and easy. I still had a couple of stray hairs afterwords, but overall it was a really good experience.
Share what I stated before.
Great Job! I feel so beautiful
1 or two techs need more experience in threading brows. Management need to understand and comprehend groupon fine print. No expiration for the groupon therefore theres a credit upon service.
When i moved from ca to va i was determined to find a good threading place. After a horrible experience at the greenbriar mall threading place (it took the lady 30 min and hurt so much) i was beginning to think it would be impossible. This place is great, fast and relatively painless. Somehow she does it so that i didn't sneeze, which i usually do!! Minus one star because it's $12 when i'm used to paying $5 in ca.
I bought a membership the first time and am happy knowing that it will pay for itself within a few months. Threading really is the way to go for all natural hair removal. The staff is really friendly and educate new-to-threading clients. And I have no problems letting newbies hover over me to see if it hurts or not (it really doesn't).
Thank you for being considerate, as it was ny daughters first time.
Thanks for participating in Groupon!!
The staff was courteous and informative.
Love it. They do a great job with my eyebrows. If you go regularly, be sure to get a membership!
So, I have just moved to virginia beach from san diego and was looking all over for a threading studio that didn't charge outrageous prices and that didn't make me drive all the way to norfolk. Alas, after my millionth Google search, i found savarna.The facilities are very clean, great decor and the staffer i met was very friendly. My eyebrows turned out amazing! Reason for one star deduction: I have been getting my eyebrows threaded for a little under a year and my first trip at savarna was by far the most painful threading I have ever experienced. But, it could also be that i haven't had my brows threaded since I have moved here, so i may just be persensitive. Definitely going to give it another shot!
Not know anything about "threading", I walked into the Wink Threading Studio in the Peninsula town Center with an open mind, determined to find out what it was all about. The woman working there, Simran, was very nice; she let me take pictures of her studio while she continued to work on a client with another client waiting. I said I would like to talk with her and she asked me to come back between her appointments. I did so and she took the time to explain the process.Apparently, threading is a technique of using cotton thread, pressing and twining it tightly and close to the skin, and removing hairs from the follicle. It is much more precise than waxing and more effective than shaving since it removes the hair from the follicle. However, unlike wax, it does not damage the top layer of skin, so it's much less painful and it's harmless to the skin. Also, it is a natural process that does not involve chemicals. Though I have not had the process done personally, all of Simran's clients I