10 Ideas to Show Yourself Some Self-Love

Every human deserves to be happy. Everyone deserves to give themselves some quality time and love periodically. But in this busy century, where do we get the time? That’s the reason we are here today with 10 great ideas to show yourself some self-love. Read on and take time out for yourself to indulge in these simple activities.

1. Cook Yourself a Meal

Food is the source of most happiness. Imagine a perfectly cooked dish of spaghetti and meatballs, or a slice of decadent chocolate cake topped with blushing raspberries… divine, isn’t it? What’s more divine is cooking yourself this meal and spending time tending to your need — food. The bliss is in the process more than the result as you shop for all the ingredients, prep them, cook, and set the table for yourself. This is your way of professing to yourself that you are worthy of love, and deserve some from time to time.

Even if you are alone, make sure to cook yourself a nice meal once a week. It may be something as simple as mac and cheese or something as fancy as steak and Caesar salad. But do it, pop a bottle of wine, and enjoy.

2. Meditate

Meditation is a superb, sublime way of finding inner peace. It’s spread from India to all over the world, especially to the west where Yoga is increasingly taking over workout and self-care studios. Practise a few minutes of meditation every day if you can. If you can’t, then take time off on the weekend to spend an hour with your eyes closed, attention away from the world, sitting cross-legged on the floor. A lot of meditation tools and apps are available online, along with music and guide counts on YouTube. This helps you relax and peep inwards into yourself, make peace with things that you can’t change, and find the strength to change the things you can. A perfect way to begin your week.

3. Read

A person who can read, can entertain himself anywhere. If you are an avid reader and haven’t been able to find the time lately, then make time now. If you are not a reader, then start small and begin with simple fun stuff like comics, manga, novellas or short stories. And also, you don’t need to read only self-help or serious fiction books to love yourself. On the contrary, indulge in your guilty pleasures like adventure, fantasy, romance, erotica… whatever relaxes and makes you happy. Just read a good story every week and make it your look-forward-to activity so that you can get through every week.

4. Music

Music is all around us, on the radio, in the car, on the surround sound system in the gym, in malls and on iPods. But listening to music for yourself, when you are alone, with earphones plugged in, is a different kind of therapy. Love yourself in the music you listen to, and choose your songs to satisfy your mood, even if it is sad or melancholy. Live through it, and you will find yourself feeling lighter.

5. Write a Journal

Journal writing is a very healthy habit. It’s a way of not only marking milestones but also putting down all your positive and negative thoughts, experiences and expectations. So show yourself this form of love and pen down a journal. You may not be an ace writer, and you may make terrible spelling mistakes… but hey, this journal is yours and only for your eyes. So write whatever makes you happy and light. Write one line or fill pages and pages, write once a day or once every 2 months. But do it. And on idle days, go back and read old entries to see how far you have come. It will make you more self-aware.

6. Facial

Book an appointment with your favourite spa and visit for a long, leisurely facial. It not only benefits your skin but also gives you some personal time off to relax, recuperate and enjoy somebody pampering you for a change. Every woman deserves that. A facial a month is ideal, both to nourish your skin as well as to enrich your tired self. Savarnas Beauty Spa welcomes you to enjoy a luxuriant facial, one of your choice that suits your skin type and solves your skin problems… one where our aesthetician pampers you to no end.

7. Spa

Visit a spa or a retreat for a day or weekend. A massage, a spa, some whirlpool or jacuzzi and good food can do wonders to your body and mind. Do not be guilty of leaving things behind. Just do it every once in a while and you will come back refreshed, having shown yourself immense love and tenderness.

8. Take a Holiday

Be it with your family or friends, with your significant other or solo — take a holiday. Some people prefer an annual vacation and take off somewhere for a fortnight or more. Others break up their holidays in smaller chunks all through the year and take road trips or short-distance retreats. Do whatever suits you, but do it fully, by leaving your work and everyday life behind.

9. Dance

Go dancing to a pub or put on some music and dance on your bed in your PJs — but just do it and you will feel all the tension drain away. Even if you are not a great dancer, you are going to enjoy every second of it as long as you let go completely and groove.

10. Compliment Yourself

From time to time, look at yourself in the mirror and throw a compliment. It may be something as simple as — ‘You look beautiful today,’ or something specific for a big day like — “You are going to kick-ass at this presentation.” Compliment your focus, compliment your honesty, compliment any part of you that deserves it. This will help your self-confidence grow, and your happiness swell.

So take these ideas and show yourself some self-love. It all starts with yourself. Only then can you spread it around.