Best Foods to Serve at a Spa Party

You are planning to entertain your friends and do a double-trouble with a spa party? You’ve booked a place for amazing facials or massages already? And now you are wondering what to do about the catering? Well, we have gotten a few ideas here to help you with the best foods to serve at a spa party! 

So become an amazing host and make your spa party an instant hit with these scrumptious party foods. 

How to Decide?

  • What time are you throwing the party? If it’s a noon facial party at your favourite spa then plan a small luncheon. If it’s an all-day spa then maybe arrange brunch, lunch and munchies. 
  • Check with your guests if anybody is vegan, vegetarian or allergic to certain food items.
  • Keep a variety of finger foods, especially for when a facial or massage treatment is going on and somebody wants to eat. 
  • Try and keep the menu light, healthy, good for the skin, and flavourful.

Best Foods to Serve at Your Spa Party

1. Finger Sandwiches

Try and keep the breads of your sandwiches healthy. Or you can also have a host of options like sourdough, multigrain, whole grain etc. Keep the fillings light and delicate, for eg. cucumbers, greens, lettuce, watercress etc. 

2. Hummus Platter

The perfect munching platter for a spa party where everybody has masks applied on their faces and likes to enjoy some finger foods. Keep the platter exotic but light with a selection of hummus, dips and veggies (carrot sticks, cucumbers, celery etc). You can also add pita breads, bread sticks and crackers. 

3. Charcuterie Board

To make your spa party fancier, prepare a massive charcuterie board full of exotic cheeses, crackers, breads, grapes and raw, cut meat slices. Totally Instagram-worthy!

4. Wrap/Salad Bar

When serving lunch, you can open a make-your-own bar. Here you can have the catering lay down a selection of veggies, dressings, lean proteins and meats. Your guests can enjoy making their own meal with gourmet dressings in-between treatments. 

5. Cupcakes

How can we forget something sweet? To satisfy all the sweet teeth at your party, arrange for a bouquet of cupcakes in various flavours. If you want to make the dessert fancier then go for flavours like blueberry, tangerine-carrot, lemon, almond-honey, chocolate-raspberry etc. Serve tea and coffee along, and it’s the perfect noon snack!

6. Popcorn

Who said popcorn is only for the movies? Make your spa party a blockbuster with some cheese, caramel and butter popcorn tubs spread around!

7. Gourmet Pizza Slices

Instead of going for simple pizza pies, keep a variety of gourmet pizza slices that have exotic toppings. Because someone might like pineapple on their pizza, and someone might be excited about spinach and avocado! What’s more, pizza is a happy food that brings a smile to anybody’s face.

8. Quiches and Devilled Eggs

For those brunch spa parties, a spread of eggs in different varieties spells fancy. Call for quiche pies, deviled eggs, sunny side-ups and Spanish omelettes with a sprinkle of veggies!


-     Mineral Water

-     Fruit-infused water

-     Herbal tea (lavender, chamomile, mint, lavender)

-     Red tea

-     Sparkling waters, juices etc

-     Gourmet coffee

Ingredients to Add to Your Spa Party Menu:

Since this party is to nourish your skin, make sure to add a few ingredients that are genuinely helpful for healthy skin. Here’s a list of the best foods for skin that you can incorporate into the spa party menu:

  • Broccoli: Great source of Vitamin A, C, and carotenoids. Helps protect the skin cells from harmful UV rays and oxidation damage. You can have them add broccoli to your quiches, wraps and even on pizzas.
  • Avocado: Good source of Vitamin C and E, both of which together protect the skin from sun damage and help in keeping the skin young, bright and healthy. Serve avo-on-toast, add avocado to mini sandwiches or grind them into guacamole for dipping veggies. 
  • Dark Chocolate: High on antioxidants, dark chocolate helps improve fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture and other signs of ageing. It also increases blood flow. Dark chocolate cupcakes, cookies and fondues make for a good dessert platter.
  • Eggs: Rich in protein, eggs help the skin build collagen. Collagen is what gives our skin a firm, supple and elastic appearance. 
  • Spinach, Kale, Greens

With all these splendid ideas for the best foods to serve at your spa party, it is time you start planning. Choose a good spa, order your catering, send invites, and get the girl-gossip going!