Do Men Get Their Eyebrows Done? Best Eyebrows Shapes for Men

Women are concerned about their looks all the time, spending hours upon hours getting those perfect lips or perfect brows. But what about men? Don’t they need the best styling to look good? Today’s blog focuses on the big question — should men get their eyebrows done? Not closeted inside their homes, using tutorials and DIY videos. But in a salon, from professional experts who know the best eyebrow shapes and styling for men. Is it ok? Is it available? 

Let us tell you more about it.

Do Men Get Their Eyebrows Done?

Yes, they do. And why not? Even men may have too hairy or too thin brows. Even men may need some trimming to get that unibrow under control. So why be shy?

In today’s world, not only male celebrities but your usual office-goer man can also get his eyebrows shaped. By a professional aesthetician no less. And this norm is just as accepted as a woman getting her brows done. 

Why Men Should Get Their Eyebrows Done?

Even if you don’t have uneven or hairy eyebrows, it is still suggested to clean up your eyebrows to make them look neat and sharp. It lifts not only your overall look but also gives you an amazing level of confidence in your professional and personal life. A pair of well-shaped eyebrows help by:

-     Cleaning up your face

-     Getting rid of any unibrow hairs in-between your eyebrows

-     Reducing bacteria and oil buildup in the brow hairs and surrounding region

-     Giving your features an attractive edge

How Do Men Get Their Eyebrows Done?

There are three main techniques for eyebrow hair removal. They are applicable to both men and women.

  • Waxing
  • Tweezing
  • Threading


Many men who are shy of stepping into a salon, usually use tweezers to pluck out stray hairs from their brows. But it is advised that they avoid it, and instead go for professional help so that their eyebrows look the best. Between waxing and threading, the latter is a better option for the following reasons:

  • Less painful
  • Gives a precise and sharp look
  • No chemicals needed
  • Results last for up to 4 weeks

Is Shaving your Unibrow or Eyebrow OK?

No, it is not. Shaving the area around your eyebrows is not the best way to shape them. For various reasons, some of which are listed below:

  • It is not precise, and you may end up shaving more than you intended.
  • The shaved area has a distinct look that does not suit around your brows.
  • Shaving can irritate your skin, lead to breakouts and acne, and spread bacteria.
  • The growth of your hair will be pretty fast, so you will have to shave every couple of days.

Best Eyebrows Shapes for Men

Every face shape is unique and so is every natural eyebrow shape. However, a few standard brow shapes are classic to the masculine face. They are usually not set in stone, so the aesthetician alters them to tailor them to your face. This helps bring out the best of your facial features.

1. Angular Brows

If a man has a round face then an angular eyebrow shape suits him the best. The sharp upward tick creates definition and adds sharpness to his face, enhancing the overall look.

2. Flat Brows

If a man has a long face, then his eyebrows look the best when they are flat. The two simple horizontal lines create an illusion of a shorter face, which makes the symmetry better. The curve in such an eyebrow is minimal, but may be added according to preference. 

3. Round Brows

If a man has a broad forehead and wide eyes, then round brows help create an illusion of better symmetry. The round shape of eyebrows makes your brows taper at the end, and appear in line with your frontal bones.

4. Mildly Bent Brows

This eyebrow shape is a classic and is usually used when you want to do minimal hair removal. The rule of thumb is that the natural brow shape is what suits you the best. So only removing excess and sparse hairs helps. A mild curve/arch may be created accordingly then. This shape is good for men who want fuller eyebrows. 

At Savarnas Beauty Spa, we pride our eyebrow threading services. Along with our host of women customers, we are also delighted to welcome men who want their brows shaped. If you are in the Virginia Beach area and looking to get a professional hand for your eyebrows then book an appointment with Savarnas Beauty Spa now.