Self-Care Ideas During Winter

Winter is a gloomy time. While everybody talks about the bright, happy holidays and eggnogs and the gingerbread houses, few talk about the dark side of winter. The side where people are isolated for days on end, snowed in, cooped up in their houses without any outside human touch. While COVID has made us somewhat familiar with long spells without human contact, it is still hard to deal with the loneliness of winter. On top of that, the weather isn’t too good for our skin, our psyche, and even our health sometimes. Therefore, the best way to deal with winter is to indulge in self-care. Take the time to think about yourself, indulge in activities that make you happy, that may be your guilty pleasure.

If you are ready for this, then here are 7 self-care ideas during winter.

  1. Afternoon Walk

Winter mornings can be freezing cold, with hardly any sunlight and a terrible fog around. So why not make your daily walks an afternoon thing? This is such a serene way of self-care, reminding you of your physical as well as mental health. The baby rays of the sun are warm enough to let your limbs work, while the cold in the air doesn’t let you break much sweat. And while you are at it, your mind starts to feel relaxed.

  1. Gratitude Journal

Winter can be very depressing too, with negative thoughts attacking you like death-eaters attacking Harry Potter. So the best thing to do in this season is to regularly write your gratitude. Grab a journal and some cute colourful pens, and start writing. Nothing fancy, nothing huge. Just small things that you are grateful for in that day or week or hour. It will help combat negative emotions, thoughts and feelings of gloom that inevitably accompany the isolation of winter. Start your sentences with ‘I am grateful for…’ and keep going every day. It may be one thing or eleven, but keep going every day to start seeing a difference in your thought process and your behaviour.

  1. Bake Indoors

If you are bored cooped up indoors, and looking for a creative pursuit for self-care, then try your hand at baking. It’s a proven therapeutic activity, known to boost your concentration, confidence, and end with a sweet treat for you to enjoy! The best part of creating something is that there is an end product that you or somebody else can enjoy. You can also cook or write a story or craft something.

  1. Cozy up with a Book

Instead of flipping through the mindless clutter of reality TV and depressing news, cozy up in a window seat or on your couch with a book. You don’t need to be pretentious and go for those literary winners like Ikigai or 1984. Not that they aren’t great. But take this time of winter self-care to read a book that you really like. It may be a pulp fiction or a fantasy, or even a mindless romance. Just read, and you will find your horizons broadening automatically. You will see new worlds, meet new people, and experience a whole lot more — all in that window seat of your house.

  1. Indulge in a Workout

The cold can make you lazy. And if you just bake sweet goodies, read books in your love seat and write in journals, you will definitely come out one or two sizes bigger on the other side of this season. That is why plan an indoor workout in case you aren’t gymming. It may be something as simple and peaceful as yoga, or a session of pilates. Nowadays there are thousands of YouTube guide videos as well as instructors running online courses to train you. Take advantage of them, and indulge in a constructive self-care activity this winter.

  1. Skype with Friends

Don’t wait for one of your friends or family to initiate a Zoom or Skype call to get everyone together. You do it and make it a point to connect with people that matter to you on a regular basis. Seeing them face to face on the screen, interacting with them, telling them about your days and hearing about theirs will surely help you deal with winter blues. This particular self-care activity is for extroverts who are cooped up at home during winter.

  1. Go Out for a Facial

If parties and clubbing are suspended for a while, and your friends aren’t around to hang out, then just take yourself to your spa and get a nice, rejuvenating facial. This activity will not only compel you to step out of your house but also give you a pampering hour. Your skin will reap amazing benefits, while you will come out glowing.

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