5 Winter Skin Problems and How to Tackle Them

Winter skin problems are a thing of nightmares. Most days you experience them, bear the brunt of them, but hardly find the right solutions. From chronic dry skin to flaking and bleeding lips, chafed thighs to razor cuts while shaving — we have found you solutions to all these winter problems and more. Read on for 5 winter skin problems and how to tackle them the simple way.

  1. Chapped Lips

One of the first dry weather problems is chapped lips. You could even say that it’s the first sign of the dropping humidity in the air. But unlike dry skin, dry lips end up flaking, peeling and even bleeding quite easily. If you are taking chemotherapy, use retinoids or Vitamin A supplements then you are more prone to get chapped lips in winter. 

Solution: Make a few simple alterations in your daily skincare routine:

  • Apply a hydrating lip balm at least twice a day (or depending on the severity of your chapped lips).
  • Seal your lip balm with a sunscreen.
  • Keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of fluids.
  • Invest in a humidifier.
  1. Drying Nose

The skin on your nose can turn dry and itchy pretty easily, especially in winter, when you may also develop colds and allergies. Rubbing your nose constantly chafes at the skin, leading to redness, irritation and skin trauma. 


  • Even if you don’t feel too thirsty in winter, make sure to take in at least 8-10 glasses of fluid per day (water, juices, lemonades, warm water with herbs or lemon).
  • Avoid sugary beverages, caffeine and alcohol.
  • You can apply your moisturiser on the skin of your nose (outside).
  • If the dryness and irritation are in your nostrils, then try a nasal spray.
  1. Itchy Eyebrows

The dry and cold winter air may cause your eyebrow hairs to dry, the skin underneath to itch, and even flakes to form. This may be due to a skin condition — seborrheic dermatitis, which becomes worse during this season. 


  • Try and tamp down on too much brow makeup.
  • Use a soothing, anti-itch gel around the eyebrows.
  • Apply your moisturiser regularly (even on your eyebrows).
  • Consult a dermatologist and get antihistamines if the itchiness persists.

If you want to avoid using brow makeup altogether, then it is a good time to get microblading on your eyebrows. This permanent makeup will keep all the harsh chemicals and alcohol of makeup away from your brows while giving you a sleek, neat look for at least 1-2 years. You won't need anything more than yearly touch-ups.


  1. Chafing Thighs

The friction of thighs brushing may sometimes cause chafing. This skin problem aggravates during winter, as the air is dry and the skin of your thighs becomes irritated easily. In addition to being painful and uncomfortable, chafed thighs if untreated can cause infections too.


  • Clean your nether regions well with soap and warm water twice a day.
  • Pat the area dry every time you are done doing your business in the washroom.
  • Soothe some moisturiser on the chafed area.
  • Wear loose clothing to bed.
  • If the problem persists longer, then use medicated powder or ointment to heal.
  1. Razor Cuts

Dry skin is not the best canvas to shave. Winter is that way tricky. However thoroughly you apply your soap or cream before shaving, you may end up with nicks and cuts as your skin is not very pliable. Dry shaving is even worse, especially for your nether regions. 


  • Soak your skin in warm water for a few minutes before you begin shaving.
  • Use a hydrating gel or cream (aloe vera, glycerin-infused etc) to shave.
  • Or consider the alternate option of waxing your arms, legs and bikini area.

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