Spring Skincare Made Easy

Winter has officially bid us goodbye. Spring is here. And along with all your spring-cleaning and kitchen-revamp practices, it is time to change your skincare routine too! You see, winter weather is harsh, demanding a lot more hydrating, soothing and warming products for the skin. But spring weather eases a lot of that pressure, cueing us to take heavy, thick creams towards lighter, fast-absorbing summer formulas.

If all these words and concepts seemed a little tedious to you then here’s spring skincare made easy for you.

  1. Eliminate Extras

The first step is to gather your current skincare lineup and pick out products that are not working for you this season or won’t work for you as soon as the weather warms up. This may include rich or thick creams, ultra-moisturizing agents, low SPF sunscreen, and warm-ingredient-base masks. If you continue using these products, chances are, they will clash with the new spring weather and may result in breakouts, irritation, redness, etc.

  1. Add New Products

Once you have eliminated extras from your current routine, it is time to add new spring/summer skincare products. Start with a sunscreen with high SPF, then get a spot cream treatment if you have acne or breakout issues. You can also get yourself a brightening serum to tide you through the winter hangover. Toners are also a welcome addition to your daily morning routine as they keep your skin feeling fresh. You may also get yourself a face mist for those warm muggy days spent outdoors.

  1. Switch the Cleanser

Spring season should be your time to switch your cleanser. You may have kept a hydrating one throughout winter, but now’s the time to pick up a lighter cleanser that cleans more oils and buildup. This will go on into your summer routine as well. If you have dry skin then maybe you can use your hydrating cleanser at night and a lighter one by day.

  1. Up your Exfoliation

Winter may have made you lazy about it but spring skincare demands regular exfoliation. Bi-weekly to weekly routines are honestly perfect. You need to eliminate all the dry and damaged as well as dead skin cells so that the new, fresh skin layer can be exposed. This not only keeps your skin healthy but also gives you that ‘spring’ glow. AHA is a good idea for exfoliation, while you can also try some physical exfoliants once every 2-3 weeks.

  1. Wash the Brushes

Spring cleaning must include this. Get all your makeup brushes, sponges, and spoolies lined up. You can throw in all your combs, hairbrushes, massaging tools, and rollers too. Meticulously clean them all. Ideally, you must clean them every month, but start now anyway!

  1. Water Yourself

Yes, like a plant! You need more water with warmer weather. Your spring skincare can be made so much easier if only you regulate your water intake every day and make sure to get at least 8-10 glasses. Your skin will shed away toxins through sweat and urine, as well as look fresh and supple. You can also enjoy fresh fruits and veggies of spring by adding them to your ‘hydration plan.’

  1. Book that Facial

You may have been debating getting a facial since all the important holidays are gone. Christmas is gone, New Year is gone, Valentine’s gone. But surely you want to look and feel your best every single day? And spring is the time of changing seasons when your skin needs a pair of professional hands the most. So book that facial and get your skin re-energized to face the changes head-on.

Doesn’t feel so difficult now, does it? So get going, plan your new skincare, clean all the old tools and brushes, and book your facial appointment with Savarnas Beauty Spa. And while you are at it, don’t forget to keep drinking water. It’s going to make all the difference. Happy spring!