February Essentials for Smooth & Glowing Skin on Valentine’s Day

February Essentials for Smooth & Glowing Skin on Valentines Day


With the first month of the year behind us, it’s time to get into the groove of the new year. January is mostly spent catching up with work, getting the house in order, and coming out of the party/holiday mood of December. One can be forgiven for ignoring skincare these days. But come February, every woman must take stock of her skincare routine and pick up essentials like moisturizers, hydrating creams, scrubs, and masks to begin pampering the skin. Not only for the upcoming Valentine’s week but also a new routine for the year!

Here are February essentials for smooth and glowing skin that we think every woman needs this season!

Vitamin C Products

February sees some rise in temperatures. With winter still very much here, the skin starts to see some warmth around. That is why Vitamin C products are some of the best boosts for confused skin. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a wonderful hydrating agent. It is also known for its brightening properties that help you step up your A-game for Valentine’s day. Moreover, Vitamin C also helps your skin battle aging, sun damage, and skin sagging. 

Products like serums, creams, sunscreens, and moisturizers rich in Vitamin C can be added to your February routine. You can continue using these all through the end of winter and even spring!

Scrubs & Masks

January always goes by in a blur. You hardly ever get time to take a weekend off and do some scrubbing or masking. But your February essentials for smooth and glowing skin must include both of these rituals. Exfoliate your skin using a good, gentle, preferably natural exfoliant. Follow it up with some steaming and then a mask appropriate to your skin issues. There are tons of mask options available, from creamy masks for dry skin to gel, mud, and sheet masks for oil control. You can choose yours as per your winter skin woes!

This also gives you the first weekend of February to pamper yourself. You can take your time at home, and relax with some scented candles, ice cream, and a rom-com as the mask does its work. Throw in a bottle of wine and you are bound to unwind in the best way before going out for Valentine’s Day.

Under Eye Cream

Late nights, alcohol from the holidays and just running around all through January may lead to under-eye circles. Therefore it is essential that you invest in a good eye cream in February. Make this a routine, whatever age you are at. Every night before bed, clean all your makeup and apply your under-eye cream. This prevents fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, under-eye bags, and those raccoon-like dark circles. 

Radiant Facials

It is the month of love! And you cannot celebrate it without loving yourself and your skin a little first. Take the first fortnight of the month to indulge in activities like massages, pampering, and a grand, radiant facial. Savarnas Beauty Spa’s Valentine Spa Package now includes all the above!

Walk into one of our Virginia spas and you can avail of a package worth $199 for just $99. It includes:

  • A hydrating express rose facial
  • Back massage
  • Eyebrow threading


Which brings us to the best part of February essentials! Technically one must get threading done every 3-4 weeks. But since February is a special month, and Savarnas already has a running offer, why not get your eyebrows threaded to perfection before Valentine’s week? You can clean up sparse hairs around your brows, or get a brand-new shape to please yourself. There are also other options like upper lip threading, sideburn threading, and chin threading to help you get rid of all that peach fuzz and growth from your face. 

When done in totality, threading leaves you with smooth, glowing, and radiant skin that makes for awesome Instagram pictures.

Now that you have our February Essentials down to a solid list, and know how easy it is to get them, what are you waiting for? Start re-arranging your vanity, get back to a skincare regime, and quickly book your facial and threading appointments at Savarnas Beauty Spa.