Winter Skin Makeup Tips

Winter skincare is an important topic to discuss. But equally important is winter skin makeup. Because let’s admit it, even with dry and cracking skin, we all want to apply that daily layer of makeup to look put together by day and stunning by night! With the dip in humidity level though, and a sharp descent in the temperatures, the skin goes through a series of changes. Not all of them are good. This may result in redness, tightness, itchiness, dry patches and even peeling in extreme cases. How to ensure that your makeup stays put on such an uneven surface, looks good, and doesn’t harm the skin’s health? Find out here with our winter skin makeup tips. 

  1. Moisturise First

Winter skin may feel uneven, rough and dry in patches. You cannot, and must not apply your makeup directly on this bare skin. There are 2 reasons:

  • It will not look as smooth and flawless
  • It will penetrate your skin’s layers and clog pores

Therefore, it is recommended that you apply your moisturiser first and foremost on bare skin. Let it settle for a minute. And only then start putting on any makeup, be it primer or foundation or powder. Your moisturiser will not only ensure that your skin is amply hydrated and nourished, but it will also create a smooth and even canvas for you to put on makeup. At the same time, it will create a barrier between your skin and the makeup, preventing the latter from penetrating deep. The result? Smooth, stunning, glowing makeup in winter.

  1. Dont Forget Your Primer

Most women skip this step. Either because they are too lazy to apply it, or because they just don’t know the benefits of primer yet. But every esthetician will swear by its utility in makeup, Primer is called the holy grail of makeup, and it’s not a name given loosely! Primer helps smoothen out your skin’s texture and prepare it like a canvas. It aids the moisturiser in hydrating the skin too. If you use a hydrating primer you will get a dewy look, while a matt primer will make it flatter. But both will make your makeup last longer in winter.

  1. Avoid Powder-Based Products

You may have been using powder-based makeup all summer and even through fall. But winter is not the time to continue with this practice. For one, powder products dry your skin even more. For two, they look dry and flat on your already winter-dry skin. Powders are known to soak up the natural oils of your skin, making its appearance sallow and even dull. You do not want that for winter. So instead, go for creamy and liquid makeup products. Instead of powder blush, use a stick or lip-and-cheek tint, instead of setting powder all over, use it sparingly only on the T-zone or any particular area that is prone to sweating or oils.

  1. Shun Matte for Glossy or Creamy Lipsticks

Matte may have been the ‘in’ texture for lips in the summer, but come winter, it is better if you stow your matte lipsticks in the back of the drawer. It is time to bring out the glossy and creamy formulas to hydrate your lips. These also make your lips look more plump and juicy. You can also apply your matte lipstick and follow it up with a gloss. But in this case, make sure to apply a medicated or intense hydrating lip balm under your lipstick, so that your lips are protected from the drying nature of the product.

  1. Use a Face Mist Often

Many may shrug and discount the use of this product, but a face mist is a godsend during the winter season. It is an instant pick-me-up when your makeup feels like it's drying away or making your skin look dull after a long day. The face mist also hydrates your skin instantly, leaving it with a dewy bright appearance even when your makeup is many hours old. 

  1. Get Permanent Makeup

Winter skin makeup tips may be a dime a dozen, but this one trumps them all. To bring it a full circle, what if we told you that you don’t need to worry about your skin drying under makeup or a ton of products that will put a dent in your already-dented winter budget? 

So here’s the best tip — get permanent makeup. It’s a simple way of getting your favourite makeup to enhance your features, where the pigment is deposited in the upper layers of your skin using tiny tattoo needles. But unlike tattoos, permanent makeup fades gradually in about 1-2 years. It does not need any maintenance either, only a yearly touch-up. All those celebs with perfect thick eyebrows and sharp eyelids are flaunting permanent makeup now. You can get it too, and forget all winter makeup worries. 

Contact Savarnas Beauty Spa to test the waters on permanent makeup. You can get microblading for your eyebrows, permanent lip color for your lips, or permanent eyeliner for your eyelids. If you don’t want to commit to proper bold makeup, then start subtle, with only a thin line for the eyeliner or a soft natural pink color for your lips. And go on enhancing as and when you see fit. We cater to your needs and manoeuvre our services to suit you!