5 Ways to Get Thick-Looking Eyebrows

Once upon a time, during the Gen-X era of the 90s, women vied for thin, fine, closely tweezed eyebrows. The world has come a long way since then, with 2 decades and a whole 360 degree in eyebrow shapes. Now women want voluminous thick brows that are dark and natural, that don’t look made up or tweezed at all. The only problem is, many of them did tweeze a whole lot during the 90s and the 2000s, and now struggle with growing back their eyebrows hairs. Therefore here we have 5 ways to get thick-looking eyebrows for anyone who is struggling with getting the look right!

1. No Tweezing

If you are vying for thick-looking eyebrows then the first step is to throw that tweezer into your drawer and keep it there. Give up on self-shaping and tweezing your brows, even if just for stray hairs. The plucking and subsequent trauma make it difficult for your roots to have regrowths. In extreme cases, it even inhibits hair growth, which is why after the 90s thin brows, many women have found it difficult to grow back their original shape. 

Instead of tweezing to get your brows in shape, wait it out and go for a proper threading appointment with an experienced aesthetician. In the interim, if you want to keep your eyebrows looking neat then use some makeup to get them in order.

2. Eyebrow Hair Growth Serum

Brow serums are all the rage currently, as Gen-Z is not makeup-oriented but skincare-oriented. This young generation doesn’t want fillers like brow pencils and powders to make their eyebrows look thick, but wants to get that volume with natural hairs. Here’s where growth serums come into the picture and steal the show. A standard brow serum is rich in amino acids, peptides, biotin and keratin — all ingredients that promote and accelerate hair growth. Applying the serum regularly and frequently may be helpful in the long run. 

Another benefit of hair growth serums is that they nourish the current crop of eyebrow hair too, ensuring less breakage and environmental damage. 

3. Brow Makeup

Until you grow your eyebrow hairs thick and voluminous naturally, this tip can help. And if you are not planning on going the natural hair growth way, then also right makeup is a great way to make your eyebrows look thick. You will need a few products for this, and can’t replace one for another. Here’s the list:

-     Brow Pencil

-     Brow Powder

-     Brow Gel

-     Spoolie

-     Brow Brush

-Make sure to invest in a color that is one shade lighter than your brow hairs, or at least close. Don’t go for darker shades as it may ruin the look.

  • Brush your brows downwards and sketch out your upper arch with a brow pencil.
  • Brush your hair upwards and sketch out your lower arch.
  • This will leave you with a subtle outline that doesn’t look like you have drawn it on a cartoon character.
  • In case there are dark or very defining outlines, use your spoolie to soften them.
  • Use a brow pencil to fill in any gaps or sparse areas in your brows, and go in small hair-like strokes instead of colouring in.
  • Now bring out your brow gel and softly brush out your eyebrows, light at the centre and darker at the edges. 
  • To finish, add some brow powder that sets your gel and gives you a long-lasting look.

4. Threading 

Keep a standing monthly threading appointment with your esthetician, and communicate your desire for a thick-looking pair of eyebrows. They will make sure to thread your brows in a way that only the sparse hairs are removed, and that the shape is maintained so that your hair can grow naturally. 

5. Microblading 

If you want to skip all the above steps, and even say goodbye to your elaborate makeup routine to get thick-looking eyebrows, then get microblading. This permanent makeup technique uses a medically graded safe pigment that is deposited in the upper layers of your skin, resembling hair-like strokes that make your eyebrows look thick. Microblading is a method used extensively by Hollywood celebrities and Instagram influencers to achieve those perfect, thick-looking eyebrows. It also lasts 2-3 years, giving you a no-fuss, low-maintenance couple of years. 

If you haven’t had a standing appointment with an esthetician for brow threading then book yourself with Savarnas Beauty Spa now. Our threading artists are some of the most coveted in the Virginia Beach area and have a repeat clientele which only comes for eyebrows. We can also help you if you wish to get microblading with our bouquet of permanent makeup services.