5 Ways to Look Good Without Makeup

Gen X has brought a whole new definition to beauty lately — the no-makeup look. From TickTock to Pinterest to Instagram, everybody is talking about looking good without makeup. But how do you do that? For all the generations before this one, it’s always been about the right kind of makeup, the perfect foundation, the trendiest lipstick. All of a sudden, is it possible to look good naturally?

Well, of course, it is. And to help you with that, here we have curated 5 ways to look good without makeup, listed systematically for you.

1. Skincare Routine

If you are to ditch your foundation, powder and concealer, then there is only one way to look good — make your skin complexion clear and glowing. How to go about that? By simply developing and following a skincare routine. Many women have their versions of a skincare routine, be it a cleansing-moisturising routine or a night-time makeup removal ritual. But to ensure that your skin looks gorgeous without any makeup, you should give it some tender love and care, as well as the extra nourishment that it needs. Here’s a routine that may work for most skin types:

  • Cleansing
  • Toning
  • Moisturising
  • Sunscreen (for the morning)
  • Serum (for the night)

If it is the day, you will be cleansing your sleepy skin of any night-time skincare products. But if it is night, then you are definitely working on some makeup like lip gloss, lipstick or eye makeup. Make sure to use a makeup remover on it before following the above routine. A long-term skincare routine is bound to show results for your skin, and lead to a clear and radiant complexion naturally. 

2. Diet

What you put in your mouth eventually does show up on your skin. In one form or another. Therefore, to get naturally pretty looks without makeup, it is essential that you take care of your diet. It will consist of 2 parts:

  • Water

Good skin needs a great amount of water. So ensure that you remain hydrated at all times. Drink enough water to keep yourself cool and full (8-10 classes at least). In addition to water, also take other liquids generously. You may include juices, lemon water, infused water and soups in this list. These are all good for the skin. At the same time, try and avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks as they are known to dehydrate your skin.

  • Food

Choose healthier options in meals. Go for salads as many leafy greens, berries etc are high in antioxidants that prevent signs of aging. Choose citrusy fruits like oranges, lemons etc because they supply Vitamin C in abundance. Eating the right and nutritious kind of food, while avoiding sugary and processed packets will benefit your skin.

3. Eyebrow Care 

Eyebrows are a very integral part of your overall look. But eyebrow makeup is a tough nut to crack. And even when you’ve cracked it, it’s time-consuming and tedious to accomplish every day. If you want to look good without eyebrow makeup all the time, then you will need to manage your eyebrow care regularly. What comes under eyebrow care?

  • Regular Brow Threading 

Keep a standing appointment at your spa, and get your eyebrows threaded every 3-4 weeks. This way, even when you don’t brush them or apply gel or powder, your eyebrows will look sharp and neat. In case your hair growth is slower, you can schedule an appointment every 5-6 weeks, or just go for threading out the strays. Nowadays, thick and voluminous eyebrows are in vogue. Threading is a great way to grow out your eyebrows for this look, without needing makeup like brow pencils and powders.

  • Eyebrow Serum
  • To nourish and grow your eyebrow hairs, you may invest in an eyebrow hair serum, and apply it every night to keep them healthy.
  • Exfoliation 

The skin under your eyebrow hairs also needs gentle exfoliation regularly. So when you are exfoliating your face, don’t forget this part. This is also known to encourage hair growth.

4. Facials

The cherry on the cake of all the above tips is facial. To keep your skin glowing and celebrity-like all the time, you need to take care of it as celebrities do. You need to take expert help and pamper it. A facial is your answer. Ideally, you must get a facial to rejuvenate your skin every 4-5 weeks. And spas like Savarnas Beauty Spa offer a wide variety of facial services to choose from so that you can target any specific problem you are suffering, or choose a new type of facial every month. The gentle cleansing, cleanup, steam, exfoliation and mask make all the difference, leaving you with amazing skin to flaunt without the need for makeup. 

5. Permanent Makeup

Well, permanent makeup is not your usual type of makeup. It is a set of treatments wherein a medically safe pigment is deposited in the epidermis of your skin. Permanent makeup lasts for about 1-3 years and you don’t need your regular makeup once you get it. It can be gotten as permanent eyeliner, permanent lip color or microblading on eyebrows. To look good without applying makeup every day, you can get permanent makeup. So many celebs, models and Instagram influencers are swearing by it today.

Visit Savarnas Beauty Spa to get facials of your choice as well as permanent makeup. And what’s more, smile and look confident to add to your no-makeup beauty!