7 Threading Facts to Know Before You Get it

If you have dropped in on this blog, chances are you are looking for threading options. Mostly for your eyebrows. But there’s so much more to this age-old technique than meets the eye. Literally! For the uninformed, threading is an ancient Indian way of hair removal that does not use any chemicals. A simple cotton thread is twined over itself to use as a tool as every single hair is removed right from its root. If you are already curious and halfway ready for this, then here are 7 threading facts to know before you get it.

Read on. Who knows, you may be tempted to get it finally!

1. Its Not THAT Painful

The description of threading above may have led you to believe that it’s one of the most sadistic methods of hair removal. How can it not be, if eyebrow hairs are plucked one by one? Well, here’s the fact — threading is less painful than most other hair removal methods, probably even waxing. It has been used in many parts of Asia even before women discovered the wonders of wax. The feeling of threading is a twinge of unusual sensation. But it hasn’t been described as painful by most women who get it. Even so, when you walk in for your threading appointment, you can ask the aesthetician to do a patch on the back of your hand or arm. That way you will know the feeling, and go in fearless.

2. Its Probably the MOST Precise

Oh yes. Threading is one of the most precise methods of hair removal as each individual hair can be targeted. The cotton thread is rolled over all the hairs that need to be removed in an area, but once the shape is achieved, the esthetician usually goes in to clean up any small, sparsely grown stray hairs too. There is perfect control here, which means nothing is left to chance. That is why women who get threading once keep coming back for more. It’s less to do with the cost of hair removal and more to do with the results!


Threading pulls your hair right from the root. And it also removes those half-grown hairs that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to catch with your tweezers or that waxing patch. This means your entire threading job is even, with hairs growing at the same rate and the shape lasting long. You will need to return to your aesthetician every 4-5 weeks to re-shape, and that’s a good deal of time for eyebrows!

4. You can Kiss Goodbye to Your TWEEZERS

Most women who get eyebrow waxing or tweezing, end up cleaning up their eyebrows at home every week. With threading, you can just relax.


Threading is completely safe, gentle, eco-friendly and a 100% natural way of hair removal . No chemicals, harmful substances or strips are used. Only a simple cotton thread is used. And some talcum powder is required to absorb excess oils from your skin.

6. Works on SENSITIVE SKIN too

Since no chemicals or harsh waxes are used, there isn’t much skin irritation, rashes or redness. Breakouts are also not common. This makes threading perfect for sensitive skin types.

7. Good for Full Face

Threading is a precise hair-removal method. And it is hence great for other parts of your face too — upper lip, chin, sideburns, peach fuzz etc. Many of these areas have such fine hair that often you may need to turn to bleach or laser. But with simple threading, your whole face is good to go.

7 amazing threading facts to help you make your decision! Try it once, and chances are that you wouldn’t want to do anything else for your eyebrows. Contact Savarnas Beauty Spa for the most experienced and skilled threading estheticians in the business. We are proud of our repeat customers who come in only to get their favourite threading artist. We hope you become one of them too!