7 Ways to Look Outstanding at this Year’s Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinners are as much about dressing as they are about food. If you are hosting it then recipes are your priority, but if you are planning to go to one, then looks are your concern. What dress to choose, what jacket will go with it, should you wear heels or not? What makeup to pick? So to help you pre-plan everything, here are 7 ways to look outstanding at this year’s Thanksgiving dinner. Take note, start prep, and make your presence memorable at the party.

1. Choose Your Colors Well

The classic fall colours are the base of any patent Thanksgiving dinner. This means the orange of pumpkin, brown of turkey, and yellow of corn are best incorporated into your look. You can build your look around one of these fall colors. Add accessories, coat, bag and shoes in whites, beiges, deep purples (for cranberry sauce), or pink. You can also incorporate green accents in all these warmth, be it sage green or wasabi green. The easiest way to color block your look is to pick your outfit first, then go for the coat and shoes in matching fall accents. Going for one colourful outfit with all other white or beige accents keeps your look elegant.

2. Less is More Makeup

When it comes to Thanksgiving makeup, choose the less-is-more rule. This minimalistic approach will not only keep your skin away from too much product and touch-ups but also let you maintain a very subtle, dignified look. Try and apply a light dewy foundation, with a touch of concealer for your under eyes. If you have freckles left from the summer then let them shine through. It will add charm to this fall look. For added definition, use dark eyeliner and some lip color that matches the brick reds or magentas of fall. And that’s it. Keep it simple silly!

3. Wear Fashionably Loose Clothes

Come on, it’s Joey’s maternity pants day! FRIENDS fans know the reference, but for the rest — wear loose clothes so that you can stuff yourself like that Thanksgiving turkey. And go for seconds and thirds long after the dinner is done. But make your look chic and fashionable too as this year’s couture talks about oversized shirts, dress shirts, wide pants and boyfriend jeans for fall. Or you can go for flowy dresses that flare out of an empire waistline. Pair these with some white sneakers and a denim jacket. That’s how you get to enjoy the chill fits and look great while doing so. 

4. Layer Up for Outdoors

Thanksgiving time is cold in most places. The season is less fall and more winter. So it is best to layer up. By layering up, we mean — choose a chunky knit scarf to knot around your throat, a sweater over your dress or top, and a long coat to finish the look. All of these layers will be good if you choose to step out after dinner to take a walk or enjoy some time outdoors with friends and family.

5. Go for Flat Shoes

Ballet flats will be trending this fall, and sneakers are evergreen. Since many families plan football games or hikes after Thanksgiving dinner, it is good to be comfortable. You can check with the host beforehand though so that in case the dinner is more formal, you can switch to ballet flats or kitten heels. The idea behind wearing flat shoes for Thanksgiving dinner is to be at your comfiest, and still look chic.

6. Prep Your Skin with a Facial

Now let’s come to skin after blocking colors and looks — prepare your skin before Thanksgiving dinner to look naturally radiant. If you are opting for a no-makeup or minimalist look, then it is all the more essential to do this. Book a facial appointment at least 2 days in advance, and get your skin a rejuvenating facial. The professional cleansing, exfoliation and massage will leave you looking like a celebrity, all Instagram-ready for that turkey dinner!

7. Get Permanent Makeup

If your thanksgiving dinner is a weekend thing or a nice staycation somewhere with family/friends, then getting permanent makeup is a good idea. Book a microblading appointment for your eyebrows or permanent lip color or eyeliner so that you can look your best at all times. Even when you wake up and go down straight to breakfast — bare skin. Only, make sure to get your permanent makeup at least 3-4 weeks before Thanksgiving so that everything is healed and well blended into your features.

So what are you waiting for? Follow these 7 simple ways to look outstanding at this year’s thanksgiving dinner. After all, it’s not how much you carry on yourself or your skin that counts, it’s how well you choose. And at Savarnas Beauty Spa, we always help you make the best choices.