A Beginner’s Guide to Brazilian Wax

A Beginners Guide to Brazilian Wax


Since you are here, you are already planning a Brazilian Wax. Or are researching the pros and cons of one! Truth be told, Brazilian Wax is not as big a deal as it is made to be. Especially after you have done it the first time around. To get your nerves under control to get to that first appointment and go through it, we have come up with basic facts about Brazilian Wax. Read on and prepare yourself with this beginner’s guide to Brazilian Wax:

What is Brazilian Wax?

No, it is not a wax that is imported from Brazil. It’s a type of waxing of your pubic area that was inspired by the sunbathing women on Brazilian beaches.

                    Broadly there are two types of pubic hair waxing — Bikini and Brazilian.

                    While Bikini Wax only removes hair outside of your bathing suit/bikini line, Brazilian goes all in and removes the hair from your labia above the clitoral fold, as well as between the buttocks. 

                    That is why Brazilian wax feels a lot more invasive and nerve-wracking. 

Then What is FullBrazilian Wax?

Well, the Brazilian Wax described above is technically the full Brazilian Wax. But some women prefer to leave a landing strip of hair over their labia. Some prefer a small triangle as well. If you don’t wanna leave that, then you are said to have a full ‘bare’ Brazilian Wax. There isn’t much difference in technique though. 

How Do They Do a Brazilian Wax?

Like they do any other body part waxing! The only exception is that this one makes most women nervous the first few times. 

                    A wax layer is slathered on your clean skin.

                    It is then peeled off quickly.

                    The wax sheet comes off with all the hair, leaving your nether regions smooth and bare!

                    One of the two types of waxes may be used — either a strip wax (hot wax and strip of fabric to pull) or hard wax (one that hardens to a plastic consistency and is removed without any fabric strip). 

                    Sometimes a combo of both may be used. 

                    It is reported that hard wax is a little less painful than hot wax when it comes to a full Brazilian. 

                    Hot strip wax is used for smaller parts, to grip finer hairs, etc. 

Does Brazilian Wax Hurt?

Not if you are getting it at a good and reputed place, under an aesthetician who is experienced. Like Savarnas Beauty Spa, where we make the experience as cool and relaxed for you as possible.

 Brazilian Wax can also be made easier with these few simple steps:

                    Take an over-the-counter painkiller before you come for your appointment.

                    Avoid caffeine before your appointment as it may increase your heart-rate and make you jittery.

                    Make sure your hair is not too short (keep it longer than a grain of rice).

                    Prepare yourself mentally

                    Take a deep breath and relax your muscles just before the waxing.

And the good news is, 

                    With every apportionment you get more used to it.

                    And since the hair follicles become looser and weaker, the removal itself becomes easier. 


                    Don’t shave your bikini area for a few weeks before.

                    Shower well and rinse the area well.

                    Don’t apply any oils, lotions, creams, etc before your appointment. Don’t exfoliate either.

                    Take an Advil before your appointment, or an equivalent/prescribed OTC painkiller. 

                    Avoid alcohol beforehand, even if you think some liquid courage might help!

                    Convince yourself that the whole waxing process is a max of 30 mins, start to end. That’s quick to get done with.

                    And the best way to lessen the pain is to keep getting your Brazilian Wax regularly. Your hair follicles will become weaker and weaker with every passing time. And some hair may even stop growing altogether.


                    Avoid skinny and tight pants/panties.

                    Let the area breathe in loose pants, skirts, etc.

                    Try not to touch the area for a few hours as the skin is tender and raw. 

                    Don’t apply any products immediately after your appointment unless your aesthetician allows.

                    Take a day off from any sweaty activities. 

                    If you have plans for a spray tan or self-tanner, wait a day after your wax. Wait at least 24 hours to let the pores close up so that the skin can absorb the tanner better. Since your skin is freshly waxed, it will absorb the pigment better. This way your colour may also last longer.

                    Try and avoid soaking in a hot bath tub or getting under a hot shower for 24 hours after your wax. The waxed area may be very sensitive and prone to irritation/bacteria.

                    Wax regularly, so that your hair doesn’t break while waxing and cause ingrown hairs. Waxing every 3-4 weeks is recommended, but then it also depends on your growth.

You can book an appointment easily at Savarnas Beauty Spa for a smooth and soft Brazilian Wax. Book online or call our spa to save you the time of your convenience! If its your first time, please do be open and mention it to our aesthetician, so that they can help keep you stress-free and relaxed.