A Good Skincare Routine for Minimalists

A minimalist is a person who believes in the ideology of ‘less is more.’ Be it in apparel or accessories, interior or fashion — minimalism has slowly penetrated as a posh, hip movement. In skincare as well, lately, we are seeing the emergence of the minimalist skincare routine. Due to the aftereffects of the pandemic, many women around the world have learned to live with a small vanity, lesser makeup, and fewer skincare products. But is it effective? Is it worth trying and maintaining over a long period? We are here to answer these questions with a good skincare routine for minimalists. 

How to Make a Good Skincare Routine for Minimalists?

You would think buying fewer products would be easy. It is not. Because you need to be very careful in selecting the right skincare products, as well as discarding those that are not as essential to your skin’s needs.

There are a few hacks that can help though:

  • Buy only good-quality products that come from reputed brands.
  • Look for products with an addition of SPF so that you don’t need a separate sunscreen. Usually, moisturisers come with SPF.
  • Hunt for products that are tailored to your skin concerns and suit your skin type. This goes a long way in solving your problems the minimalistic way, without needing lots of skincare products. 
  • Try and find more two-in-ones, like a serum that targets your adult acne as well as is anti-ageing. Or a cream with Vitamin C for brightening as well as hyaluronic acid for hydration. 
  • Stick with one routine for a few months to see and measure the results. 

A Good Skincare Routine for Minimalists:

1. Cleanser

A cleanser is one of the essentials of skincare. Old wives' tales point out that it is best to never put any soap on your face as it is harsh on your soft and delicate facial skin. That is why you must always invest in a gentle cleanser. It forms the base of your minimalist skincare routine as the cleanser helps clean your skin of dirt, dust, makeup residue, extra oils and bacteria. The cleanser also penetrates deep inside your pores and rinses out impurities that may cause acne or other problems in the long run. If you wear little makeup then a cleanser can be more than enough in your makeup removal routine as well. 

In case you have oily or acne-prone skin then you must pick a cleanser that cleans stubborn oils and bacteria. You may also add a double-cleaning routine with face wash once a week. 

2. Moisturiser 

Moisturiser is very crucial in skincare, so crucial that it is the core of a minimalist routine. Why? Because hydrated skin is happy skin. From a short-term perspective, moisturised skin means glowing and supple skin. But in the long-term, moisturised skin means tauter and healthier skin for long. This skin also remains well-nourished, and may not age prematurely. 

Choose your moisturiser very carefully to suit your skin type. Go for a heavy, rich and creamy moisturiser for dry skin. While for acne-prone/oily skin, you must use a non-comedogenic moisturiser that does not clog your pores and is lightweight so that it gets absorbed quickly. Many moisturisers also come rich in vitamins like Vitamin C, E, A etc, as well as antioxidants to help nourish your skin.

Nowadays moisturisers also come SPF-rich, so you can ditch the sunscreen. 

3. Sunscreen

In case your moisturiser didn’t come with its SPF, then it is essential to use sunscreen. It is one of the best protectors of your skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays. By applying sunscreen regularly you not only prevent sunburns, tanning and blemishes but also push back ageing, dark spots and skin diseases. Prolonged exposure to the sun without any protection can also lead to skin cancer, which is avoided by the use of sunscreen.

Again, if you have acne-prone or oily skin, use a sunscreen that is non-comedogenic to avoid clogged pores. 

Tip: Apply sunscreen every day, without fail. Even when you are indoors, even when it is a cloudy or rainy or snowy day outside. As long as the sun is out, you need sunscreen. 

4. Serum

The serum is optional in a minimalist skincare routine. It may be discounted if you don’t have any major skin problems like acne, blemishes, ageing, excessive dryness etc. In case you do, you can use an appropriate

serum to help with that. Once you have the problem under control, you can leave the serum out of your routine. 

It all depends on how good a product you pick and how consistent you remain for your minimalist skincare routine to work. But once it starts working for you, you are through! A ton of money saved, so much time and energy saved. And less product on your skin.