An Easy Fall Skincare Routine

The season of fall is beyond beautiful. But it is also difficult for your skin. Dryness, cold temperatures, and the sudden change from summer take a toll on the health of your skin. That is why dermatologists recommend changing your skincare routine this season. But most places you visit on the web to find fall skincare routines will give you an elaborate list of products. It may become taxing and frankly intimidating after a while. That is why we have brought to you an easy fall skincare routine. 

Changes in Your Skincare During Fall

  • If you are prudent about it, you don’t have to make very big changes in skincare when you shift from summer to fall. 
  • All you have to do is identify your skin problems, what are your pet peeves during fall, and choose accordingly. 
  • The foremost change must be in your moisturiser. Other than that, you can more or less still go through with your old routine as long as it suits you.
  • However, a boost of Vitamin C, exfoliating ingredients and hydrating products may help.

Easy Fall Skincare Routine

1. Cleanser

Start your fall skincare as usual — with a cleanser. Because your skin and the pores need gentle cleansing every day. The action of a cleanser will not only clean the surface but also clear any excess oils and bacteria hidden deep within the pores. Since the temperatures are cold in this season, you can use lukewarm water for your cleanser. If you have very oily or acne-prone skin then you can also use a face wash for better results. 

2. Toner

Post cleansing, continue as you usually would. Most women prefer using a toner to settle their skin after it is stripped of oils. A toner also calms the skin, balances the changes in pH after a face wash, and makes it ready to absorb the next products. 

3. Moisturiser

This product in your fall skincare routine must change. Most skin types need a thicker, creamier, richer moisturiser to thrive in the dry and cool air. The lack of humidity and hot showers leave your skin feeling dry and leathery quite often. That is why you must apply a thick layer of your moisturiser without fail. Another change that you must make is to carry your moisturiser everywhere with you. Unlike summer, you can’t just get away with a day and night application. You may need to refresh in the middle of the day too.

4. Sunscreen

Again, no change here. Use your SPF as you did during the summer. You may reduce the intensity of the SPF from 50 to 30, but keep using it. Sunscreen is essential to protect your skin from the sun, even if the sun is not shining bright. Even if it is hidden behind clouds all day. Because the harmful UVA and UVB rays are invisible, and they reach you regardless. 

5. Creams — Spot Cream, Eye Cream

Creams are usually for a night-time routine. And you must stick to their use no matter what. Most women use an eye cream to hydrate and nourish their under eyes. It is even more common among aging women. Spot creams on the other hand are usually applied by women who are prone to acne, blemishes and pimples. You can continue with both. But pay close attention to the latter. Most spot creams have drying ingredients that may not suit your skin in fall. 

6. Serum

During fall, you can up your serum game and find yourself a deeply hydrating serum. It will help your skin immensely in not only coping with this season but also slowly and gradually preparing for the coming winter season. Anti-aging and retinol serums can also be continued through fall. You can look for more Vitamin C-rich serums though, as this vitamin helps repair skin that has seen sun and summer damage. 

7. Facials 

We recommend booking a standing facial appointment with your spa in the fall. Keep the appointment every 3 weeks so that you don’t have to fuss with face masks and heavy exfoliation at home. Because fall is a season when your skin goes through a massive weather change. It needs nourishment, regular deep cleansing, exfoliation, and lots of pampering. What’s also in your favour is to book your appointments close to the holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving respectively (they are about 3-4 weeks apart anyway). This way you will look your best for both!

Keep your fall skincare routine simple and fuss-free. Don’t change much, but be mindful of all the things your skin is telling you. And for your fall facials, contact Savarnas Beauty Spa now. We have a range of facials to suit different skin types and skin problems, and cater to this change in season.