Beauty Myths that Need Busting

You must have heard so much about beauty and skincare! From your mom and aunts, friends and siblings, from Instagram and Pinterest. But how much of what you hear is true and how much is myth? Today we have compiled a few beauty myths that need busting. Read on to check if you have been following one of these by mistake!

Myth: DIY Skincare is Safer

No, it is not in fact. The opposite is true. DIY skincare is not always safer or even healthier. You may like to believe that since you are only using your kitchen ingredients and your skin is safe from chemicals. But the processes that you employ, or the combination of ingredients, are not always safe. For eg. some kitchen hacks recommend using baking soda, vinegar or lemon juice raw on the skin. These are strong substances that may drastically alter your skin’s pH balance. Also, not all recipes on the internet are made by dermatologists or skincare experts. They may work for some people but all skins are different. Sometimes they may end up damaging your skin too.

Myth: Men Need Special Men Products

Ok, this may be devised by men’s skincare brands for obvious reasons. But the truth is, a man’s skin is not very different from a woman’s. Some differences persist, like the fact that men shave regularly, have thicker skin, and have a different set of hormones. But men can just as easily benefit from women’s skincare products. They can use women’s moisturisers, exfoliants etc without any hesitation. Provided, the products match their skin type. Only, men need to be extra careful while applying sunscreen as they are more prone to certain categories of skin cancers.

Myth: Oily Skin Doesn’t Need Moisturiser

Bust this myth right now if you have been believing in it! Oily skin needs just as much moisturiser as dry or normal skin. Where this myth came from, no one knows. But it’s been giving oily skin trouble ever since. The fact is, oily skin produces more oil when it gets dehydrated. It does so to moisten the skin.  And people assume that the oil is enough to keep the skin happy. But when you start applying a moisturiser to oily skin regularly, you will realise that it won’t feel as oily as it used to. The only catch however is — you need to find the right moisturiser for yourself. You can’t just use any over-the-counter product. Make sure your moisturiser is lightweight, easily absorbed, and non-comedogenic so that it doesn’t clog pores and cause acne on oily skin.

Myth: Sunscreen is Applied Only Under the Sun

Most women apply sunscreen only when they are stepping out of the house, and that too when the sun is very high. But this is not the right way to operate. Dermatologists recommend — one should apply sunscreen at day time (irrespective of their location). Yes, even if you are sitting in your office or house, apply sunscreen. Even if you are keeping your windows closed, apply it. Because the UV rays penetrate glass! The rule of thumb here is to apply sunscreen three times in a day — at 9 in the morning, then again at 12 in the noon, followed by 3 in the afternoon.

Myth: Applying Makeup Regularly Harms the Skin

As teenagers, we have heard this n number of times. But the truth is, more than applying makeup, it is the non-removal of makeup that harms the skin. Many women just wash their faces at night and go to sleep, leaving residual makeup still on. This is detrimental to the skin and leads to dry, dull and prematurely aged skin. So apply makeup to your liking, but make sure to remove it every night with a makeup remover.

Myth: Facial is Only Appropriate for Older Women

Wrong, facial is appropriate for all women, irrespective of their age. The type of facial, the products used, the treatments etc may vary with age and skin problems. But restricting facials to older women is not right. Even teenagers need facials, more so because they go through puberty and related skin issues like acne. Facials help immensely, and it is a good habit to get one from time to time. It is best to keep a standing appointment with your aesthetician every 4-5 weeks to get that facial. This not only leads you to smooth and glowing skin but also maintains the skin’s health.

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