Benefits of Sweating for Our Skin

When you are walking under the sun and icky, sticky sweat is dripping into your eyes, you would think — ‘What an inconvenience!’ But the apparent inconvenience of sweating is really benefiting you. Surprising, but true. You may have learned in middle school Biology that sweating cools the body down. Which is true. But sweat does more than that. Sweating helps keep your skin healthy and looking beautiful. Let us tell you all about it and the benefits of sweating for our skin.

Benefits of Sweating for the Skin

Natural Moisturiser

Yes, you read it right. Sweat is the body’s personal moisturiser. It may creep you out but the sticky sweat that dribbles down your arms and neck and temples really helps increase the sebum (oil) production in your pores. This contributes to a slippery liquid that naturally moisturises your skin.

Natural Glow

Sweat gives you a natural glow. Don’t believe us? Then have a look at yourself just after a good, rigorous workout. You will find your complexion relatively cleared and your skin glowing. Why is that? Simply because sweating gets the blood flowing to your skin. This means more oxygen and more nutrients, so a better glow and even some color to your skin. So keep your phones ready for those post-workout sweaty selfies. They are going to come out awesome

Natural Cooling

Sweat can be called the AC of our skin. Well, not literally, but it comes close. When you sweat profusely, your skin cools down. It feels better and airier. Sweat also helps the body regulate its temperature.

Natural Detox

Sweating is known to rid away toxins from your body. And while it flows, it also washes away toxins from the skin. That is why working out is one of the best ways to detoxify your skin on a daily basis and clear your complexion for a fresh glow.

How to Deal with Sweating?

While sweating has a number of benefits as listed above, you also need to deal with it properly so that it doesn’t become counter-productive for your skin.

  • Sweat is made 99% of water and 1% of salts, urea, toxins and sebum. The latter may clog your pores.
  • Cleanse your face well after you’ve broken a sweat so that your pores don’t become inflamed or swollen.
  • If you have put on makeup and begin sweating, then use a make-up remover and face wash immediately. This will keep your skin refreshed and free of makeup/oil residue.
  • Don’t let sweat linger or dry away on your skin, wash it off immediately. 
  • Exfoliate or scrub your skin well regularly. Make it a weekly routine to avoid any residue from sweating to clog your pores or form a layer over your skin.
  • Dried sweat may rob your skin of hydration. So moisturise your skin every single day, in every single season.
  • If you are using a towel or napkin to dry your sweaty face, then make sure you are using a clean one. Old sweat or dirt on the napkin may do more harm than good. Especially when you are at the gym post-workout.

Nature has its way of balancing everything out. Therefore our sweat too is a necessary evil. It may feel icky and inconvenient at times, but accept it as part of a routine, absorb its benefits, and take care to keep your skin protected. Then you will absolutely enjoy the clean, clear glow that sweat leaves you with!