Best End of Summer Skincare Tips

The end of summer is nearing, and everybody is busy wrapping up barbecue nights and pool parties. School is about to start and the vacation is over. But in all this rush, how many women are thinking about their skin? That same skin which has absorbed all the sun and sand and sea and heat of summer. Some damage, some benefits of this summer… they need to be cared for. Be it in rehydrating, or exfoliating all the dead skin and dirt. Hence, before we step into the crisp coolness of fall, here are the best end-of-summer skincare tips.

1. Increase the Frequency of Exfoliation

With fall approaching, the air may begin to feel dryer and cooler. The end of summer is hence the time to shift your exfoliation routine. Some women reduce their exfoliation routine during summer as the weather is too warm and their lives are busy with vacations. But now you need to scrub away all that dead and dry skin, dirt, dust, and grime of the summer. Do it 2-3 times a week to reveal the smooth and healthy new layer of your skin, and make it a habit for fall.

2. Switch Your Moisturiser

Summer’s heat, all that chlorine in the pool and a vagabond lifestyle may have fried your skin. Hence the end of summer is the perfect time to take stock of your skin’s hydration. A light gel moisturiser that you bought for this summer may not work effectively anymore as the air goes dry. So research well and switch your light moisturiser to a heavy and rich one. This moisturiser will take you through fall and winter, helping keep your skin soft, smooth, supple and devoid of signs of aging. Also, drink more water to keep hydrated.

3. Double-Cleanse

You may have been using a mild cleanser through the summertime, but this routine may not be fulfilling for the drying skin that sheds fewer dead skin cells than usual in the fall. This makes the skin rougher and duller. Double-cleansing, i.e. cleansing with a mild water-based cleanser and an oil-based cleanser will help refresh the skin and keep it clean.

4. Get a Humidifier

A humidifier is a device that adds moisture to the air in your house or office. It has gained popularity in recent years, especially among skincare enthusiasts during very dry fall or winter months. The end of summer is a good time to get a humidifier as the prices won’t have shot up exponentially yet, and also, you will be able to test run the humidifier for a few days to get your skin used to it.

5. Reevaluate Your Supplements

The change of season is going to call for a change in your daily supplements. The end of summer is ripe with seasonal transition as well as a rapid change in temperatures. To combat any influence of such fluctuating weather, you should include more Vitamin C, D and omega fatty acids in your supplement routine. Vitamin C especially is very important to maintain the health and texture of the skin.

6. Restore Your Sleep Cycle

Summer holidays and constant parties may have messed with your sleep cycle. But now’s the time to go back to your early-to-bed-early-to-rise routine because school days are coming. Additionally, good sleep cycle is a must for healthy and glowing skin that looks soft, young and beautiful. If you start conditioning your sleep back to normal by end of summer then you will be full of energy when fall comes.

7. Take Your Workout Outdoors

Summer heat may have pushed you into air-conditioned gyms to work out. But now the air is going to turn cool, dry and crisp — perfect for outdoor runs and hikes. So start opening up trails and jogging routes by the summer’s end. A good daily workout will not only make you sweat out all toxins from the skin but also supply a natural glow.

8. Keep Your Sunscreen

Don’t make the mistake of giving up on sun protection, even if the sun becomes milder at the end of summer. Skincare and sunscreen are eternal partners. Do not separate them now. You may reduce the frequency of sunscreen application as per your skin’s needs, but do not stop completely.

9. Prepare with a Facial

Prepare your skin for the fall season with a hydrating and exfoliating facial. Not only does your skin get cleaned up and scrubbed off but also gets massaged for better blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This is one of the definite to-dos at the end of summer for skincare. To book your facial now contact Savarnas Beauty Spa. We offer a variety of facials targeting specific skin problems, as well as customising special facials to cater to your skin. Grab your preferred slot to make sure we don’t get booked for the end of summer.