Best Facials to Gift a Woman

It’s a special occasion and you are looking for gifting ideas? You want to make a woman very happy and need to know what experiences she will enjoy? Well, start with something that she will cherish, and carry with her for a long time to come. Like a facial. With this gift, she will not only get an hour of pampering but also enjoy looking at her radiant and flawless skin all the time. So show her your thoughtfulness and pick a facial to gift her. We have curated the 5 best facials to gift a woman here.

1. Brightening Facial

A brightening facial is simply that — brightening. This type of facial is primarily designed to help the skin achieve a natural radiance and look stunning. The products, the treatments and the procedure all focus on this end goal. If the woman you wish to gift this is stressed all the time, spends her days taking care of others, and often feels like she doesn’t give herself enough time then gift her a skin brightening facial. With a note that describes how she is the sun that brightens everyone around her, but now’s her time to shine!


Book a gift for your beloved woman at Savarnas Beauty Spa with the Radiance Facial. It is a treatment that we recommend for brides but is perfect for anybody who wants some hydration, skin rejuvenation and refreshment. With a special procedure of microdermabrasion, the dead skin cells, scars and pigmentation are reduced, as are fine lines and wrinkles. Leaving the skin looking fresh and bright!

2. Hydrating Facial

This type of facial is mostly for women who have very dry skin. Or if it is the season of winter, and she has been complaining a lot about how flaky her skin has been. Hydrating facials not only promote moisturisation but also add to the skin’s overall health and appearance. Good hydration is key to pushing skin ageing and helps reduce any signs of lines or wrinkles.


At Savarnas Beauty Spa, we have a special hydrating rose facial with a cold pH balancer that has therapeutic benefits. It relaxes your skin, reduces stress and promotes glow. The rose petals are known to contain sugars and natural oils that help the dry skin cells lock moisture. The cleansing-exfoliating-face massage-mask treatment adds to the hydrating effect.

3. Rejuvenating Facial

Tired, sun-exposed, dull skin benefits greatly from a rejuvenating facial. This kind of facial also works well on mature skin. It not only gives the skin a much-needed boost but also helps slow down the ageing process (something that every woman wants!). If you are planning to gift an older lady, then a rejuvenating facial is amazing. It is also perfect as it suits all skin types.


A facial to reinvigorate and re-energise your skin! Savarnas Beauty Spa’s skin rejuvenation facial has age-reversing qualities and helps brighten your skin, all the while slowing down the ageing process.

4. Anti-aging Facial

Another facial to gift somebody mature or older. Having said that, anti-ageing facials are not limited to those women who are showing heavy signs of ageing like wrinkles and deep lines. Even younger women who may have fine lines can benefit greatly from this facial. Any sun damage, dead/ damaged skin cells, pollutants or dirt that have harmed the skin get treated broadly in this kind of facial.


Savarnas Beauty Spa’s age-defying facial is a deep-cleansing treatment that also helps in resurfacing. The aim of this facial is to leave your skin looking visibly vibrant and feeling hydrated. It works well on mature skin, dehydrated skin, and sun-damaged skin. This facial involves deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and hot and cold hammer treatment. With a relaxing purifying mask and antioxidant serum, you enjoy your restored younger-looking, healthier skin.

5. Customised Facial

To play safe, check out the spa’s menu and choose a custom facial on your gift certificate. Why? Because this one tailors the treatment and products to the client’s skin and needs. If you are not sure what kind of facial will suit the woman you are gifting it to, just keep the arena open. Then she can take it into her own hands and along with the aesthetician, decide what her skin needs.


At Savarnas Beauty Spa we have a refreshing custom facial in place that is suited to all skin types. Even so, it targets the vivacity and radiance of the client’s skin. The skincare experts at our spa analyse the skin, select speciality skincare products, and then design the rest of the treatment. Deep-pore cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, high-frequency current, and a luxurious facial massage are included in the package. A customised mask is applied to finish the facial, and before leaving, we make sure our client is amply hydrated with a suitable moisturiser.

So what are you waiting for? Choose one and book your facial gift now at Savarnas Beauty Spa! It is bound to make the lucky lady very happy. After all, who gives such deep thought to women and their sundry needs? Get going and earn those brownie points from your mom, sister, wife or girlfriend!