Best Winter Makeup Trends of 2022

Winter is here, and so are dozens of parties, events and holidays! This year makeup trends have been a mix of a throwback to the 90s and some statement looks curated especially for the post-COVID world. So what’s new for winter? What can you look forward to on runways and Instagram stories? Here we have the best winter makeup trends of 2022, listed for your to get your party inspiration sorted!

 1. 90s Monochrome Look

The 90s was a colourful era, and some of the makeup trends from that decade are making a comeback this season. Winter ’22 will see the famous monochrome look return. What is this look like? It’s pretty simple and inexpensive to achieve. A typical monochromatic look means that your key facial features are defined in the same colour palette. This means, your eyes, lips and blush match. Some of the most coveted 90s shades were nude browns, oranges and dusty pinks. These will make a comeback in contour powders, lip colors and eye shadows now.

 2. Graphic Eyeliner

Eyeliners in winter 2022 will be all about bold, graphic swipes. Throughout this year, we have seen colourful graphic eyeliners in neons popping through. But as we approach winter, we will see more nudes and neutrals. White-colored waterline with bold graphic liner can be your statement makeup this winter.

 3. Bleached Eyebrows

Another trend that we have seen through 2022 is breached brows. Bleached brows were also quite popular back in the 90s, and now they are becoming more common. If you don’t want to make such a drastic change already then go for a coloured brow pencil. This way you will be able to make heads turn at your party, without committing to the bleached eyebrows for a while.

 4. Silver Glitter

Some sparkle is bound to illuminate the holiday makeup trend of 2022. It may be in the form of stones or glitter or even some metallic eyeshadows in the silver palette. Jewelled lips in silver are also in, so you can try that out. Just ensure that you choose any one feature to highlight with sparkle instead of all of them.

 5. Natural Dewy Skin

Foundations, concealers, powders etc are bound to turn more dewy and natural. The holiday glow will be real this time, with more natural makeup and less aggressive coverage. You can just use some light BB cream or foundation, that has a dewy glow to it.

 6. Vampy Lipstick

The usual suspect for holiday lips is red. Bold red. But even as reds and greens dominate the apparel section, the vampy lipstick trend will try to match those looks. What are vampy lipsticks? They are bold, dark and matte shades that are perfect for winter. You may find deep reds, burgundy, brown and even black in this spectrum. TickTock is already buzzing with this trend.

 7. One-Color Eyeshadow

Single color eyeshadow look is another bold winter makeup trend of 2022. Use one colour to create a non-gradient eyeshadow and add a thick coat of mascara. Pair this with some cute, neutral lipstick and you have the statement without making it obvious.

 8. Blues

Since it is winter, blues are going to make it big. The winter of 2022 will see various shades of blue pop up in eyeshadows, nail paints and even eyeliners. Mascaras in blues are also trending, but that look is pretty bold to carry. 

 9. Grunge In Liner

Grunge is similar to the smokey eyeshadow look. The liner needs to be smudged and worn in, paired with black mascara or kohl. Grey shades will work wonders for this look. You can use a soft brush or your fingers to blend and smudge to your liking.

 10. Dramatic Eyelashes

The most ‘in’ look this winter is going to be a pair of dramatic eyelashes. Thick, long and curled, straight out of a 50s Hollywood movie. Faux eyelashes or falsies may be your first thought, but beware, they damage your natural eyelashes to no end. The glue used may end up tearing out your lashes. That is why eyelash extensions are the best bet. These are faux eyelashes with amazing volume and curl, affixed one by one to your original eyelashes. The best part is, they remain with you for about a month and fall off naturally when your natural eyelashes fall. They remain waterproof, can be adorned with mascara, and look fully glamorous.

If you want to get the best dramatic eyelashes, then contact Savarnas Beauty Spa before the holidays. Eyelash extensions from our spa will be customised to your particular needs, and make sure your winter makeup is all set!