Christmas Party Theme Ideas 2022

2022 is coming to an end, and with it many a trend. But before the light goes out on this big year, let’s send it off with a big hurray of Christmas party trends! From open outdoor events to modern entertainment, a throwback to 90s to lifestyle-themed bashes, we have seen a whole gamut of party ideas so far. So here are the most coveted Christmas party theme ideas for 2022. Happy planning!

  1. Tea Party

Why don’t you turn the usual white Christmas into an elegant tea party? Break out your finest china that you were saving for a special occasion, and bake some holiday-themed scones, cookies and tea cakes. Get creative and procure cherry preserves, spiced fruit jams and cinnamon-blended chocolate spreads. Add to the feast some finger sandwiches and you are all set to celebrate Christmas — the high tea way! You can host a Christmas tea party indoors, but it will be perfect if you do it outdoors. Make it an all-day event, with frilly umbrella pergolas to create seating.

  1. Throwback to the 90s

The 90s has been a very influential throwback this year, especially in fashion and makeup. So get together one or many of the 90s themes for your Christmas party — punk, grunge, hip-hop, modern preppy… Procure a huge tape recorder that blasts music, and if you don’t still hold your old collection of cassettes then get them online. You will still find Christmas carols on cassettes, as well as mix tapes from the 90s. Serve more of the 90s iconic snacks like Fruit Roll-ups, Jawbreakers, Black Jacks and Nerds, while catering with pizzas, hot pockets and puffs (classic 90 favorites!). Make sure to capture your 90s Christmas party with polaroid cameras!

  1. A Trip to the North Pole

Santa Claus is coming down to your place from the North Pole, but what if you surprised him and everyone else by creating a whole North Pole ambiance for your Christmas party? An adventure of the Arctic, with the decor revolving around walruses, penguins, polar bears, and seagulls cutouts. Add a small space as Santa’s workshop, where you can have everyone gather the gifts, before taking them to the tree just before midnight. The children can indulge in crafts activities at the workshop, while the adults can amuse themselves by making winter-themed drinks.

  1. Vegas Baby!

Ok, this one’s an adult party, so you probably want to exclude invitations for the kids. Christmas party themes of 2022 have been extravagant from time to time, and what’s more extravagant than Vegas? Casino tables, fruity heady drinks, blackjack, poker and cute Christmas-themed treats. Your guests can come dressed in their burlesque best, with the women in evening gowns and men in tuxes.

  1. Book Nerds Christmas

If you are a book nerd yourself and know your guests to be too, then this is a fun theme this year. You can base it off the Scandinavian parties, where colorful lights are strung, good food is devoured, and books are exchanged as an old Nordic tradition. You can set up a small book club to talk about Christmas classics like The Nutcracker and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Serve some Nordic delights like Finish cardamom cookies, almond cookies, and pepper cookies while your book readings are going on, and enjoy a dinner of pork, red cabbage and mulled wine!

  1. Movie Marathon Party

For a lazy, couch potato Christmas party (because let’s admit it, most of us spent the first half of 2022 like that recovering from COVID anxiety), get your friends together for a movie marathon. It’s nothing fancy, with just some movies, a relaxing dress code and food that’s equally simple but delicious. You can even place an order for takeaway pizzas if you are not in the mood to do holiday cooking. Pop some corn, get-together movie snacks like nachos, pretzels and soda along with hot chocolate to make it smell like Christmas! Pick a marathon of Christmas-themed movies or go for the old, mushy Hallmark if the men are ok watching silly romcoms.

  1. The Big Bad Roast

Not the turkey or chicken roast, we meant the big bad comedy roast! This is the complete opposite of a laid-back lazy party like the previous theme. Do it only if you have friends who are good sports and have a sense of humor. Pick a guest of honor, or maybe two of them, and then set up a panel of comedians who will come up and talk about them and make jokes. Go all out, all raunchy, all rowdy. No holds barred, all bets are off! Just make sure that you declare a disclaimer at the beginning so that nobody gets offended. End it with a yummy holiday roast for dinner, and soothe your guests’ laugh-riddled tummies with relaxing drinks.

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