Easiest Tips for Eyelash Care

Eyelash care is a very niche topic. Not many skincare specialists or institutions write about it. We here at Savarnas Beauty Spa care greatly about our clients and readers, therefore we have curated a list of the easiest tips for eyelash care. These will help you understand your eyelash care better, and find ways to make them look long, thick, and voluminous. Just like those Hollywood celebs!

1. Keep Your Eyelashes Clean

The best and easiest first tip is to keep your lashes clean. All the time. This doesn’t mean you keep splashing water on your eyes every hour. This simply means that you remove your makeup properly every evening. Without fail. Use a good makeup remover, as mascara or other products on the eyelash, are usually water-proof and a little stubborn to remove. When you keep your lashes clean, you maintain their health. This prevents uncalled-for breakages, hair fall, eye infections, etc. 

2. Comb Your Lashes Regularly

Don’t hair experts say that combing hair stimulates blood flow and hair health? Well, the same logic applies to your eyelash hairs too. The stimulation of hairs and the skin of your lids creates better blood circulation, leading to better lash hair growth. When you use a lash spoolie or brush wand to comb down your eyelashes, they may also appear thicker and longer, giving you the illusion of voluminous lashes.

3. Moisturize Well

Dermatologists recommend moisturising the skin, but it is equally essential to moisturise your eyelashes too. This tip will go a long way in keeping your eyelashes healthy, strong and growing long. How to moisturise your eyelashes? Not with your regular skin moisturiser! There are specific oils and moisturisers made for the lashes. These are meant for eyelash care routine, made with a blend of ingredients that are gentle on the eyes as well as invigorating for the lash hairs. Oils like castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil etc can also be used. But do a patch test first, and if they burn your eyes then stop immediately. 

4. Invest in an Eyelash Serum

Serums are expensive, but they are very, very good. They have very concentrated and targeted ingredients that work quickly and effectively. Therefore this tip is a golden one. If you want to care for your eyelashes then invest in an eyelash serum and apply it regularly, every night. There are many eyelash hair growth serums too that not only nourish the lash hairs but also stimulate their growth for a longer, more voluminous look. 

5. Watch What You Eat

Healthy eating and hydrating well throughout the day is another easy tip for eyelash care. A nutritious diet that is high in vitamins, minerals, fiber etc not only benefits your body and skin but also your hair. Protein is another important element in your diet that helps promote your lash hair growth.

6. Try and Limit Your Makeup

Lash makeup is one of the most important parts of eye makeup. What would our eyes be without that thick coat of mascara? But the very frequent application of mascara without proper care can often lead to eyelash hair breakage, irritation and eventual scanty growth. That is why it is recommended that you limit your makeup application to a couple of times a week. And whenever you apply it, make sure to remove it properly.

7. Ditch Falsies

Falsies and their glue are your lash’s worst enemy. They may look phenomenal, but that thick and voluminous look is temporary and may leave your lashes with permanent damage. The eyelash glue may cause allergic reactions in your eyes like redness irritation, pain, burning, itching and even rashes around the skin. When you remove the falsies, if not careful, you may end up tearing out your lashes too!

8. Get Permanent Eyelash Extensions 

Since you must avoid lash makeup, and also know the ill effects of falsies, permanent makeup is a good idea to look amazing, as well as protect your eyelashes. Permanent eyelash extensions are a pair of extensions that are made of mink or silk hairs, applied to your original lashes one by one, very painstakingly, with a surgically safe glue. These lashes are applied only by a licensed aesthetician and make your lashes more voluminous, thick, and beautiful. They last for about 4-5 weeks and fall off as your natural lash falls off. You can easily go for refills too.

What’s best about eyelash extensions is that you don’t need mascara or falsies anymore. Also, they are waterproof, letting you indulge in your day-to-day activities without issue. 

Miscellaneous Tips for Eyelash Care:

  • Don’t rub your eyelashes very hard.
  • Don’t scrub your eyelashes harshly while removing makeup.
  • Use a natural makeup remover that is mild.
  • Clean your lash curlers, brushes, spoolies and wands regularly to avoid infection.
  • Do not share your makeup or tools with anybody.

Now that you are ready to start with your personalised eyelash care routine, we wish you all the best. If you want to enjoy this lash care routine as well as make your lashes look phenomenal without any makeup, then contact us for our permanent eyelash extension services. We tailor the lashes to every specific need at the spa, making sure our clients go home happy and excited to flaunt their eyelashes.