Easy Night-Time Winter Skincare

We’ve come from fall to winter now, and even though the cold dry nights are welcome for their Christmasy vibes, the skin is not too happy. How would it be, with all that harsh weather, all those dry winds hitting its delicate structure right through? Especially at night. Many of us feel only half-human on winter mornings because there are dry patches and cracks all over the skin, chapped lips and stretchy hands. So here’s a small and easy night-time winter skincare for you. To help you soothe and nourish your skin this season.

1. Remove Your Makeup Gently

Makeup remover is a must. You cannot begin your night-time skincare without it. But in winter especially, be extra gentle with your skin. It has gone through a whole lot with the dry and cold weather, braved winds and snow, and may even feel stretched under the makeup. You don’t want to cause more trauma. So take some makeup remover on a cotton pad and gently rub in small, circular motions until the makeup is removed. For water-proof or stubborn eye makeup — don’t rub. Instead, hold the soaked cotton pad in place for a few seconds. The makeup will melt easily and come off with one gentle swipe.

2. Cleanse with Milk-Based Cleanser

After you have removed your makeup, go for the cleansing. In winter, your skin needs all the moisturise it can get, so it is best to opt for a milk-based cleanser. Because milk is a natural moisturiser, and also has lactic acid to help in deep cleansing the skin. You will see the difference after you start with milk or a milk-based cleanser. The dirt and grime will be cleaned, and your skin will feel softer and more supple.

3. Exfoliation on Alternate Nights

Sometimes it is best to exfoliate every night in winter, but alternate days work best for sensitive skin. The skin turns dry, flaky and patchy in this season. Almost daily, you feel it peel away. Therefore exfoliating the dead and dry skin layers works wonders in giving a reboot to your skin and making sure it is radiant and soft. A scrub is good for exfoliation once a week, but if you are doing it daily or on alternate days then try and use an exfoliant to avoid any physical trauma.

4. Moisturisation & Massage

Winter skin needs ample moisture. And while you are at it, also give your skin a gentle mini massage every night. Use a rich, creamy moisturiser that feels heavy on your skin, as that is the kind of product that will help retain hydration all through the night. You can use the lubrication of the moisturiser to massage your face or use another hydrating oil like rose hip or argan to add some extra sheen for the night. The massage will help stimulate blood circulation and ensure that your skin cells work well at night to repair and regenerate.

If you have problems like dry, cracked or flaky skin then double up your moisturiser for day use too. Drink a good amount of water throughout the day and also before bed, so that your skin received its fair share of internal moisture.

5. Weekly Mask

Mask is one of the most luxurious parts of a winter skincare routine. Apply it once a week, and keep your night free to do a small home spa. Choose a creamy or hydrating sheet mask, choose a nice book or a movie to chill out, drink a glass of wine and nibble on some gourmet chocolate! It’s a real winter date. You can replace your wine with a giant mug of spiced cider too. Or hot chocolate if you are in the mood for some Christmasy movies!

This weekly regimen of relaxation and hydrating masks in winter will help your skin remain supple, soft and elastic. It will also tide you over those weeks when you feel your skin is dull and lifeless but you can’t yet go for a facial as it’s not 4 weeks to your last appointment yet!

So enjoy your easy winter night-time skincare routine, and when you cross your 4-week mark, come to Savarnas Beauty Spa for a deeply nourishing and hydrating facial! We have dozens of those to choose from.