Easy Pre-Christmas Skincare

Skincare is such a dynamic process, changing from season to season and age to age. But when it comes to pre-festive skincare, one cannot be too careful. Especially pre-Christmas. This is the biggest hurray of the year, with a list of events, parties and holidays planned. With the amount of greasy food, alcohol, and sweets waiting for you, it is a miracle how your skin survives the New Year. That is why we have easy pre-Christmas skincare here for you so that you not only look good through the festive week but also come out radiant and glowing on the other side.

  1. Moisturise Deeply

Christmas falls in winter for the whole of America. And with degrees of difference, the cold is palpable. The dry air adds to your skin's woes with dryness, flaking, pale complexion, rough texture and redness. To combat all these and more, you must make deep moisturization an inescapable part of your pre-Christmas skincare. Moisture is essential to skin cell function. It not only aids in the cells’ day-to-day activities but also helps maintain their turgid status. This is why well-moisturised skin looks supple and taut, with a natural sheen that we famously call ‘the glow.’ So invest in a rich, creamy and heavy moisturiser according to your skin type, and apply it without fail every night. Don’t rub it vigorously but give your facial skin a generous massage, letting the product sink in slowly and evenly. You can even replenish your moisturiser during the day, or as and when required. You will find your skin becoming plumper, bouncier and smoother.

  1. Primer & Toner

Generally, you may skip these products right and left. But during pre-Christmas makeup days, don’t even think about ditching your primer and toner. Primer is called the holy grail of makeup, as it prepares your skin for the makeup products you are about to add. A toner on the other hand settles into your skin to balance its pH, keep it hydrated, and make sure that your moisturiser seeps in well. Both these products when used well, also protect your skin’s pores from being clogged by foundation, powder or anything you apply as makeup.

  1. Cleansing & Exfoliation

As the countdown to Christmas begins, you must start increasing the frequency of your cleansing and exfoliation routine. Obviously, you use a face wash or cleanser daily but now start double cleansing thoroughly at least twice a week. Use a water-based and an oil-based cleanser to go about this so that you keep your pores devoid of any buildup, oils, bacteria and dirt. The same goes for exfoliation. This is the time to exfoliate 2-3 times a week with a gentle exfoliant, so that your skin’s dead layers, dry cells and dirt can be stripped off. This reveals the fresh, new layer of skin that is baby-soft, and radiant in appearance.

  1. Mask Up

Go mask shopping in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Pick out masks that you know your skin needs. For eg., if you have very dry skin then go for a tub of the cream mask. Or if you are still battling oily skin in winter then pick up an oil-control sheet mask. The gist is — to spend a pampering day every week by applying the mask on your skin. This puts your skin through a cycle of self-care and makes it ready to look its best version. You may also do a steam session and exfoliation before applying your weekly mask so that your skin cells and pores are most receptive to the goodness of the mask.

  1. Renew Your Facial Appointment

Masks, exfoliation sessions and steams can only do so much. But at the threshold of the Christmas week, it is best to get a professional facial. Your skin needs its fair share of nourishment, and at the same time, you need to get rid of any stubborn build, whiteheads, dark heads and fine lines that may not budge by your own skincare routine. This work is best cut for your esthetician. So don’t be lazy or skimp on the cost. Go for a luxuriant facial to fulfil your skin’s needs, and you will find that every penny you spent on that facial is worth it.

So before you jump into the Christmas festivities, contact Savarnas Beauty Spa and book your facial appointment. The result will stun you, showing you how important a professional esthetician is to your skincare. And in the meanwhile, don’t forget to moisturize-cleanse-exfoliate!